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24 Heros in 24 Hours…and, The My Little Pony Movie

posted by Heather October 9, 2017 0 comments

I think Pinkie Pie is my favorite Pony.

Got my numbers done today.

24 Heroes in 24 Hours event at CFNE to raise money for the Navy SEALS Foundation. SO incredible and so grateful to be able to be part of this one.

And, psyched we got there just in time to catch the last minute of the last workout. The event started at 1pm on Saturday, workouts began every hour on the hour, and ended at 1pm on Sunday. Geoff Leard and Conor Nugent both did all 24 workouts. Many of our other members participated throughout the course of the event. It was a phenomenal tribute to the men that sacrificed their lives to protect ours. In the end, we raised about $4,000 for the Navy SEALS Foundation. LOVE that.

Sold this jogger on Facebook’s Marketplace today for $50. SUPER easy, and felt so good to hand it off to a family that would actually use it…instead of let it collect dust in their shed like we did for the last year.


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