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4 Years Old: The Only Time In Your Life You Get To Wear Wedding Apparel…Just Because It’s Wednesday.

posted by Heather September 13, 2018 0 comments

OMG I CAN’T EVEN. Becky Harkins, from Murfreesboro, TN, sent me the nicest care package full of random goodies that she KNEW I would love because she reads my blog all of the time. Seriously. You are TOO MUCH, Becky. THANK YOU!!! Your Thank You card went in the mail yesterday 😉 Keep an eye out, sister. LYLT

This one always cracks me up.  People ask me all the time, so I figured I should just lay this to rest.  No, I don’t sell these things.  That would involve ‘commitment’ and ‘work’.  No, I didn’t go to art school.  I, literally, spent most of my college class time doodling in notebooks and sending them to my high school friends just for fun.  And, nothing I draw is original.  I copy everything from the internet.  But, I guess it’s still freehand.  And, I saved every one of Jonah when I drew them every day for him when he was in elementary and middle school.  But, I throw every one of Bode’s out at the end of the day.  Our house just isn’t big enough to house used brown bags, no matter how cool the drawings are 😉

Hoping I can keep this little daily tradition up when the weather gets too cold and we need coats on every day.

This morning’s waiting-for-the-bus educational read.

The randomness of Amazon packages actually makes me laugh out loud.

Literally, how I answered the phone when he called back. We were making the exact same faces. So, we were meant to be together forever, right?

I “cooked”, which actually just means I took a bunch of Paleo Power Meals and dumped them into a pot with my homemade bone broth. So, yeah, I cooked.

I watched this tree fall in front of my car while I was talking to Maya on the phone and about to leave the gymnastics building. Crazy.

NOTHINNNNGGG like what Maya was like at the age of 4.

The mural at the middle school where I went to Bode’s soccer informational night. SO cool and had no idea there was something like this in Natick. LOVE that.


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