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41 Things I (Almost) Never Do

posted by Heather October 8, 2017 0 comments

The men in my life: husband, father, son, and ex-husband 🙂

And, my mama bear.

Happy Birthday, Cheese Man!

Bode was STAR OF THE DAY in school today!

Harry gave me this as a little gift. SOOOO GOOOOOOD.

Hosted Maya’s field hockey team dinner tonight, catered by Paleo Power Meals 🙂

SUCH a great group of kids. So grateful, polite, fun, nice to one another, drama-free…NOTHING like I was at their age.

 41 Things I (Almost) Never Do

  1. Drive more than 10 miles an hour over the speed limit.
  2. Try to force things that are stuck.
  3. Complain.
  4. Listen to anything but Matty In The Morning on Kiss 108 on a weekday, even when I’m out of town.
  5. Take the easy way out.
  6. Wear make up to the gym.
  7. Make excuses.
  8. Sleep without my therapeutic pillow.
  9. Say the words, “That sucks.”
  10. Drive in silence; either music or sports radio is always on.
  11. Play mind games with people.
  12. Shower inside unless the pipes have been shut down outside for the winter.
  13. Get out of the shower without putting lotion on.
  14. Leave the house without all beds being made.
  15. Turn lights off myself in the kids’ rooms when they left them on.  I make them do it themselves.
  16. Talk badly about my family members to others.
  17. Call a repair person without trying to research a fix and try to do it myself.
  18. Miss waving my family goodbye when they drive away in the morning.
  19. Sleep on my stomach.
  20. Get hair on my body waxed.
  21. Lie about or cheat on my macros.
  22. Say empty “I love you’s”.
  23. Use something of someone’s and not return it the way I found it.
  24. Wear a bra (with the exception of sports bras).  I use stickers, and bikini tops.
  25. Workout without a headband.
  26. Drink juice, soda, or eat sugary candy.
  27. Walk out of Home Goods, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, CVS, or Home Depot without either (a) spending a minimum of $50, or (b) leaving empty handed.  It’s one or the other.
  28. Go more than 48 hours without shaving something on my body.
  29. Lie to Ben.  About anything.
  30. Wear clothes that “match”.  I 100% color coordinate things on me, but I never intentionally try to make them match something else I’m wearing.
  31. Leave dishes in the sink when I go to bed at night.
  32. Let my kids watch television during the week.  Only on weekends.  But, I let them watch a movie in the car if we’re driving for longer than 20 minutes at a time.
  33. Wear a shirt while training.
  34. Cook.
  35. Talk badly about my ex-husband or his wife.
  36. Drink caffeine after 3pm.
  37. Put off paying someone that I owe money to, including my kids.
  38. Ask someone else to do something that I can do myself.
  39. I never read magazines from front to back.  Always back to front.
  40. See something stuck in someone’s teeth and not tell them.
  41. Get my nails done, unless I’m desperate and need them done if I’m traveling for a long time or going to a wedding and the kids aren’t with us for a few days.
  42. Bonus (I forgot to stop at 41): Let someone I love, feel unloved.

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