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41 Things That Make Me Happy

posted by Heather October 4, 2017 0 comments

Practicing soccer with this kid every day to get him ready for Saturdays with his team.

Chipping away at my Productivity Planner.

For real, though.

Bode’s in the big kids time slot now.

Walked with this kid to the library during Bode’s gymnastics class.

How is she so short?

My new lights make me so happy 🙂

Bode running Ben through his “workout”.

Pig pile on mom.

Post-dinner lesson on supply and demand.

Still haven’t showered inside since the day the outdoor shower was put in in early August. Going ’till the pipes are about to freeze.

Bode writing his name in on the attendance sheet this morning.

I have found my spirit animal.

Been handing these out as “gifts” lately 🙂

Maya’s home game today.

Alex driving my kids insane.

Not so sure our neighbors love it when our family dumps ourselves on our front lawn for the evening. We are a mess.  And, VERY loud.



When my kids ask me what I do all day while they’re at school.

41 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Early morning weekday dance parties.

2. Pig tails in my hair.

3. Giving and receiving the double thumbs up.

4. The warm sun on my skin.  Honest to God, I think I am a flower.

5. Tweezering hairs that aren’t where you want hairs to be.

6. Washing a really dirty car, vacuuming a really sandy rug, and shaving really hairy body parts.

7. Showering outside when it’s dark and cold and I can see the steam rising through the twinkle lights on the walls.

8. Miami freedom with my husband and best friends because there are no rules there.  Anything goes, and there is no judging.

9. Laying down at night in freshly washed linens when you forgot that you had changed them.

10. Efficient use of my side mirrors when reversing.

11. When the Crossover Symmetry cords lay flat and in a straight line on the floor.

12. When Ben rolls over in the middle of the night, totally asleep, and wraps his arms around me.

13. Being tan.  I love my Filipino skin.

14. My quad heads and nail beds. That’s about it.

15. Tortilla chips, wine, popcorn, and CocoWodder.

16. Hanging out with old people.

17. New tubes of toothpaste and containers of other personal care products.

18. Driving with the windows down, my leg resting on the window sill, and singing like I have a voice that doesn’t, literally, give me a headache.

19. When I can fill my coffee cup all the way to the tippy top of the cup without it spilling over.

20. Standing outside on a warm night by myself, looking up at the sky and moon and stars, and listening to the crickets.

21. Bode sleeping in my bed with me when Ben is away overnight.

22. My silver layer rings that Alison Giorgio gave me that have all four kids’ names on them.

23. Swimming and kayaking at Farm Pond.

24. When the Patriots play at 1pm or 4pm on a Sunday.  Preferably at 4pm, though.

25. Daydreaming about my life while I stare at my engagement ring.

26. Watching storm coverage during a snow storm and snow blowing while listening to my Beats headphones.

27. Looking at our house after I’ve backed out of our driveway and am about to drive away.

28. Thinking about how lucky we are that both of our parents love our families so much.

29. Cashmere.

30. Knowing all of the words to a song.  Especially when you haven’t heard the song in over 10 years.

31. Twinkle lights.  All over our home.  Inside and out.

32. When I make Maya laugh really hard.

33. When I make oatmeal in the microwave and catch it right when it starts to bubble up.

34. When I flash and/or moon Kat and she yelps like she’s never seen me do it before.  Then, folds in half laughing because she just can’t help herself.

35. When I pass a cop and just happen to be only going 5 mph over the speed limit because I’m driving safely, not because I’m trying to avoid getting a ticket.

36. When I turn off all of the lights in the downstairs at night, look around to see the house totally clean and organized, and hear the sound of the dishwasher running…just like I did when I was growing up.

37. Knowing people by their first name at places like the market, the coffee shop, and the library.

38. When I put my retainer in after not using it for over a week and it’s super tight on my teeth.

39. Trimming my cuticles.

40. Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, Home Depot, REI, Whole Foods, and Lush.

41. Jonah’s laugh.


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