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posted by Heather September 13, 2018 0 comments

Every year on 9/11, I go down to our town’s fire station to honor the victims and families. I know what I do isn’t “making a difference”, but it keeps me more dialed into the impact of that day and reminds me about how lucky I am to have everything I do in this life…and, the people that have given up so much for me to enjoy all of it. It’s very humbling and makes me so grateful. This is a monument outside of the fire station that holds a piece of one of the towers from NY. It’s incredibly moving, and I got to read the inscription to Harley Love to start helping her understand the scope of all of this.

Look who finally got glasses. She can actually see now. I’ve been telling her for 18 years that she needs to “stop complaining” so much and that it’s not that bad.

When The Giorgio’s show up to do our landscaping, the neighbors basically set up their lawn chairs. And, just watch.


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