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A Great Conversation

posted by Heather July 7, 2017 0 comments

This new Nitro business at Starbuck’s is “all the rage”: Brooke is panicking down on the Cape because she got direct word from the store when she called them yesterday that there are “is no Nitro on the Cape”. Like, AT ALL. I will admit, it’s pretty good…weird, but cool weird. And, good 🙂

My numbers from March (left), to yesterday. Well, at least they’re not going in the “wrong” direction…except that ‘skeletal muscle mass’ one.

Dropped my poor little computer off with the Apple Store this morning. They’re sending it out to fix what they think is a “mother board” problem. I think that’s code for “the volume key is off center”. But, they have us all wrapped around their little pinkies, so it’s headed to Texas for $495 to be repaired. In the meantime, I’m borrowing anyone’s computer that will let me. Anyone want to join the list?

We’ve decided that with all of the food we’re consuming down on the Cape, we need to make use of all of our scraps and any leftovers by starting a compost so we can bring it all back to the compost we already have back at home. I found this idea on Pinterest where you just take some plastic bins, screw some holes around them, and start filling them up. I got two so when Ben goes home every week, he can take the full one back and leave us with one while he’s away. Up until now, we’ve been piling our leftover food on the kitchen counter with nothing to put it all in. Voila 🙂

FINALLYYY. My car has been a MESS.



No, no. Wait. THIS is my favorite.

Maybe my all-time best ever score on Craigslist: this doll house for Harley Love. Shopped all day for a decent used one, but couldn’t find anything worth it. Decided to scan quickly over CL and found this one in Wellesley, FOR FREE. It’s so big I had to put the seat down in my SUBURBAN to fit it in. It’s a little unfinished (wood, roofs, doors, etc.), but who needs a finished doll house? Now that I think about it, I could just have Bode and Harley Love paint it so it’s REALLY theirs 🙂


Went to check out Harry’s house (with all his roomies) with Maya. Shelby could barely contain her excitement to show us her new closet.

And, then was HORRIFIED that I took this picture because there was an article of clothing out of place. How, by the way, does something end up THERE?

Harry’s office.

Maybe the most mature moment of Dan Delomba’s life right here.

The “guest room”.

The watch Dan’s dad gave him on his graduation day. I told him he should use it for coaching. You know, like a real pimp.

I told Harry that the little bump of a single tiny pillow in the middle of his bed just screamed, “I AM SINGLE AND NOT EXPECTING ANY COMPANY ANY TIME SOON!!!”

After we left, he sent me this picture after he made some “adjustments”.

Not sure what message THIS is sending, but it may somehow be the same “I AM SINGLE” message, but with more of a “building forts with my buddies” spin.

And, the other reason why Harry may be single. When I left my sweater there by accident, he sent me this picture of him trying it on.

Maya and I have been having some great conversations while we’ve been home together, as is par for the course when you hang out with this girl.

The one that we got deep into today was about our home.

Maya was talking to me about how much she loves our home because she always feels like whenever she’s there, she always feels like there’s something for her to do: hang out with random combinations of people on the deck over dinner, lay in a bed I moved outside for her so she could be out in the fresh air and see the trees blow in the wind, and throw the lacrosse ball against the rebounder so she can still feel sporty even though she’s only a week post-surgery.

I loved hearing all of the things she loves about being home.  I told her I feel like it’s so important that your home is the place you know you can come back to that, no matter what happens in your day, will make you feel safe, happy, and at peace.

That got us into an enormous conversation about all of the “moments” we remember happening within the walls of our home: the good and the bad.  It’s incredible how many memories you make in a home with all of the laughter, the tears, the arguments, the support, the celebrations.  It’s awesome.

And, I think it’s important to talk about all of those memories because no matter how many pictures you take, no matter how many things you save and display, there is nothing quite like the power of word to commemorate the experiences of your life…and, the lives of the people you share your life with.

There is nothing like a great conversation.

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