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A Plea For Help: Tailored For Education

posted by Heather December 30, 2017 0 comments


LOVE that I’m able to start doing PT and gaining back ROM in my shoulder.

When the kids are out of school for the week, you’ve got to take extreme measures and whip out the iPad during PT sessions.

We don’t have a rolling stool at home, so I made the most of Bode’s MagnaTile car base.

I taught myself how to do an ombre finish on my nails this morning 🙂

Exchanges day post Christmas is always SO easy at Nordstrom. LOVE their customer service. Maya informed me that her “quads don’t fit” in the size jammies she got from the Lorion’s. So, we got her quads a better size.

Afterwards, I made a pit stop at the sunglasses counter.

My new favorite sunglasses brand: DIFF. I don’t really know how they do it, but they sell designer quality sunglasses for a fraction of what big brands sell theirs for. The best part: for every pair of sunglasses they sell, they donate a pair of reading glasses to someone in need. They also have a list of other ways they give back to communities around the world that all put together makes it a no-brainer for me to wear their product from now on. Especially when the identical looking pair of Ray Bans in the case right next to these at Nordstrom were priced at $210, and mine were $75. Oh, and Lauren Akins has her own line of their shades, too. And, I LOVE LAUREN AKINS.

Just taking Jonah wedding dress shopping at Nordstrom…because I have an obsession with wedding dresses.

Cashing in some gift cards for a new coat at Oakley 🙂

Winter at The Cape.



The beautiful lady, Jess, on the right is a mom of one of Bode’s classmates.

Let’s help these people by going to this site and donating so that your dollars can be 100% matched to help these adorable, deserving kids to get uniforms for school. But, you need to do it by tomorrow, Dec. 31st!!!

I don’t think I’ve ever asked anyone of my readers to do anything like this, but I believe this is a more than worthy cause and something that can really help people that deserve something as simple as school uniforms for kids on the other side of the world from us here.

I’m taking the following write-up directly from another blogger HERE who has said it better than I ever could, but the message is there.  It’s simple, but you need to act quick as the deadline is tomorrow, Dec. 31st.

Please, think about it.  But, not for too long 😉


Tailored for Education is a Boston-based nonprofit that provides school uniforms to kids around the globe who can’t attend without one. More than six years ago, the organization started with a small school in Haiti with 200 children and have since provided just over 50,000 uniforms and are now working in ten countries with 19 partners!


Tailored for Education was founded in Boston in the Spring of 2011 by two friends who love children and saw a seemingly “easy” fix to a big problem.

The organization believes that every child has the right to receive an education and a uniform should not stand in their way. All of the uniforms they provide also help create jobs for local economies through local sewing, tailoring, etc. Tailored for Education wants to leave the communities of the children they help in a better place: more sustainable jobs and more children in school. Their goal is simple and would not be attainable without the help of donors.


This holiday season marks a very special giving opportunity with Tailored for Education. They have a donor willing to match up to $100k of new money between now and December 31st. If Tailored for Education is able to raise $100K in the next two weeks, it will be matched by the donor and they will be able to send 8,000 kids to school!

Let’s make it happen. Click here to give.

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