About Me


Derek acting as the JOP at our wedding on the lawn in front of Ben’s family’s home in Megansett on the Cape in October of 2009.

This blog serves as my personal diary; I’ve posted every single day for almost 6 years, and I don’t plan on ever missing a day going forward.  I write clean enough for my kids and their grandparents to read, but occasionally get in trouble.

I am no different from any other woman in my situation.  I turn 41 this year, was previously married for 7 years to my still good friend, Alex, remarried to my best friend and dreamy soul mate, Ben, still train and compete in the sport of CrossFit at our box, CrossFit New England, and “manage” Team Bergeron: Maya (18), Jonah (14), Bode (6), and Harley Love (4).

The real me, though?  I am obsessed with labelling things.  I love my developing my OCD.  I  have an Unlimited Membership at our local car wash, and take selfies of myself and whoever is in my car with me every time we go through.  I draw on Jonah’s brown bags every day he goes to school.  We dance and sing to loud music whenever Ben isn’t around.  I’m super insecure and and self-conscious.  We always say please and thank you. I clean the interior of my car a few times a week; it is spotless.  I still wear a retainer at night, and will have a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth for the rest of my life.  Our family eats about a dozen eggs a day.  Everyone in our family, except for Jonah and Bode, is obsessed with country music.  We log a few hours a day on our trampoline.  I make aggressively green smoothies every day to ensure we hit our quota of leafy greens.  There is a strict no complaining rule in effect at all times.  I waste a lot of time on our hammock in the summer time.  We make light of things like getting our periods and Jonah going through puberty.  And, I remind the kids every morning, “Today is going to be the best day of your life!”  Every day.  And, every day they say, “Mom, you say that every day.”