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Accepting Change

posted by Heather October 12, 2017 0 comments

Delivery day is my favorite day.

LOVING on my new computer cover 🙂

That outfit, tho.


They’re actually helpful.

Bode went on his very first ever FIELD TRIP 🙂

Ben does story time with the kids every night.

Slept in Maya’s bed with her last night. Serious snuggle sesh 🙂


No, she actually wakes up like this every day.

SOO sad to finally part with this. This is the car seat that brought both of the little kids home from the hospital. It’s been to Puerto Rico, Florida, California…

…and, has the best bumper stickers 🙂 I’m happy to not have to lug this thing around anymore, but sad to see it go 🙁

Time for more greens in my diet.

Ever since Jonah was young, he’s always been super attached to things that most of us are quick to move on from.

When Maya and Jonah were little, I wasn’t nearly as neurotic about keeping the inside of my white 4-Runner clean and neat.  It wasn’t a pig sty, but it was always a little messy, there were spots here and there from when kids would drop snacks or spill drinks, and seats and floors just got generally not-super-clean looking.

So, when were about to have Harley Love and needed to upgrade to a bigger car, we were all psyched about bringing the nice, new, spacious black Suburban home and trading in the old car.

It was brand new, it had cool new features like a DVD player and heated seats, and there was finally room to sit without feeling like you were being smothered by the person next to you.

We were all psyched…except Jonah.

Jonah couldn’t understand how we could just get rid of what he still, to this day, refers to as “a part of the family”.  He felt like that car contributed so much to our family, saw us all through so many parts of our lives, and was “always there for us”.

Jonah did the same thing when we bought a new home.  Same attachment issues with the whole thing: how could we just leave it and take all of our things with us, how could we move into a different house and sleep there all the time, and how could we just walk away from all of the memories that we made in the old house?

Jonah has a very special love and appreciation for things like that that I find to be so unique and, while in the moment something that seems ridiculous and irrational, is really cool to see in someone.

He just has a hard time leaving something old, finding something new, and moving ahead with change.

I feel that way right now about the change of the seasons, especially here in New England.

I think it gets more and more overwhelming to me every year for some reason.

I just can’t stop thinking about the freedom of the summertime schedule with kids not needing to be rushed through breakfast, getting dressed, and racing out the door to get somewhere on time.

I can’t stop thinking about living with the windows wide open, sitting on the deck for morning coffee and breakfast, and spending hours and hours in our backyard…not needing to leave the house at all for a change of scenery and to “get out of the house”.

I can’t stop thinking about badly I wish I could just keep wearing my uniform of flip flops, a bikini, tank top, and cut-off jean shorts everywhere I go.

I can’t stop thinking about the feeling of the warm sun on my skin, the feeling I love of sweat dripping down my face in the heat, and the feeling of bombing down the hill in front of our house on our bikes on the way to Natick Center.

And, I can’t stop thinking about how much I love showering outside and looking up at the blue sky and the clouds while they pass over as I feel the water trail down my head and back.

But, I also know that this is my situation and it’s not changing.  So, I need to start thinking about the things I love about New England winters.

The temperature will start dropping, and we’ll start snuggling under blankets more.

I’ll start getting to layer on more and more sweaters and scarves.

We’ll start making more fires and watching more football.

We’ll get to teach Harley Love how to ski this year and watch Bode get even better than last year.

Maya will get to play her final year of Nobles Basketball under her father’s coaching.

We’ll get to watch Jonah play squash again.

Ben and I will go on our couples vacation again with some of our best friends to Miami.

We’ll get to take the kids to visit my parents in Florida and watch them play on the enormous beach they stay at.

We’ll play in the snow and drink tea and watch storm coverage.

And, when that first warm day in the spring hits we’ll start the whole cycle all over again.

I may not be made for winter the way I’m made for summer, but I can figure out a way to appreciate it for what it all has to offer.

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