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Appointment Overload Day

posted by Heather April 10, 2018 0 comments

Dat STYLE, doe.

Ok, not great…but, not bad for getting back from a 4 day trip to Miami after 6pm the night before. I’ll take it.

Maybe the all-time funnest PT session, like, EVERRR. Surprised these two when I found out last week that Maya set up her appointment to surprise Kat. It was like a 3-way surprise party. And, poor Dave Tilley: the man who has to deal with all of our obnoxiousness all within a 2 hour window of time.

I MAY NEED A CROWWWWN. And, NOT like the sort of crown that queens and princesses get to wear. The crown that makes your mouth feel like you got slammed in the jaw with a baseball bat 🙁 Won’t find out for sure until next Friday, though.


The good side of denying your kids any technology during the week: they are zombies when you need to get your teeth cleaned because that’s the only appointment you could get in the next 6 months. What’s the deal with that, anyway? Why is it always so hard to get a dentist appointment?


And, THIS.

Paleo Power Meals veggies all lined up in one big go-to container = DREAMY

My body missed this sort of food on vacation. Here’s to being back on track…until the next couples bender weekend. OOOOOF.

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