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Are You A Super-Person?

posted by Heather June 22, 2018 0 comments


I was listening to one of Ben’s podcasts on Chasing Excellence, The Secret To A Good Life, when he got to talking about what his secret is.  Part of his answer had to do with what you’ll be thinking about the life you’ve lived when you’re on your death bed.

When you have time to reflect back on your life, will you be proud of and satisfied with the choices you made and what you spent most of your time doing, or will you be wishing you had done it differently?

I’ve seen a couple of pretty incredible people get to that point in their life when we were all given time to “say our goodbyes”…and, consequently, have witnessed the product of living phenomenal lives of gratitude, generosity, selflessness, happiness, loyalty, mindfulness, and compassion.

I’ve seen people come out of the wood work to pay their respects to these people on their death beds and say they just had to come and say thank you for the various acts of kindness they received.  Everyone from patients to students to grocery store clerks to homeless people.  All of these different walks of people were treated the same, regardless of what they did for work, what kind of a house they lived in, what brands of clothes they wore, what kind of music they listened to, what college they went to, and whether they were in perfect health or if they had a severe disability.

These super-people, as I think of them in my head, cared for and respected every single person they met as if they were stripped down of all labels and were just human beings that needed someone to show them selfless acts of love.

That is a task that is a whole lot easier said than done.  But, as with all things in life, the harder the task, the greater the opportunity to make a difference and leave a mark on this wonderful world you will someday leave behind.

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