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Bathroom Responsibilities

posted by Heather January 5, 2017 0 comments

We’re in purge mode over here. This was just the start of it. I just love when I go through Maya’s “junk” pile and find multiple Lulu headbands with the tags still on, new Lulu long sleeves and scarves, and…my favorite…my own personal things like Natori bras. I’m sort of glad she has poor fashion taste.

One of SIX bags that either went in the trash, to a donation bin, a consignment shop, or friends.

Training today.

Love’s gymnastics cubby 🙂

Inner Thigh Girl.

I remember this WOD and seeing PQP out of the corner of my eye and thinking to myself, “How ridiculous am I going to look doing these snatches?” And, he nailed the ridiculousness in my face that day 😉

Tell me I’m not the only one out there that just loads up their “cart” pretending like they’re just going to order everything in there. It’s like a weird obsession I have…and, then I order a pair of 5T sweatpants and 1 sweater.

Jonah is just KILLING it. I walked down to his room last night to kiss him goodnight and found him meditating himself to sleep after a talk I had with him on the way home from school about how he was having trouble sleeping. I told him how Adee suggested I start meditating and it’s helped me sleep well all night now. Like, he really listened to me and took action. I can’t believe it.

Did our annual reading last night of our Good Things Jar: full of little cards with good moments throughout the year. Went around the table reading them off.

Our annual pic in front of the Happy New Years board 🙂  Note: Bode’s face.  Classic.

Isabelle Lorion probably teaching my toddlers Chinese because THAT’S how smart she is. She’s next level.

And, Love probably teaching ME Chinese…because that’s MY level of smart.

Date night with this guy has evolved into us eating dinner at and walking around the mall.

Found our member, Tracy Rabbit, on the wall at Lulu 🙂


How excited Ben Bergeron gets that Nordstrom now has a wedding boutique.

Meanwhile, Sam Giorgio babysat the kids at their house. *Her collection of puppies is too much.

The screen on our iPad broke, so I brought it to Cellairis. $250 to fix a cracked screen, even though the LCD still works fine. It’s not their fault, it’s Apple’s fault for…oh, forget it. It’s my fault for caving and purchasing Apple products. They were playing a video in the store of how to fix it yourself. I tried to talk Ben, and the sales boy, into letting me do it myself. The sales boy was actually very supportive. Ben was not. Like, at all.

Jonah trying to get Ben to do that thing where you suction cup a shot glass to your lips to get them to blow up really big.

Andy, from Head Space, briefing us on today’s practice.

It’s simple: as human beings sharing space on this planet, we have responsibilities towards one another.

One of those responsibilities is creating a pleasant bathroom situation for anyone who is either (a) using a bathroom that we are responsible for, or (b) using the bathroom after we use it ourselves.

In my opinion, it starts with whoever actually owns or operates the bathroom in question.

If you walk into a bathroom that’s nasty, you’re more likely to lower your standards of how you leave it.  And, you know there are a lot of ways to leave a bathroom worse than you found it: leaving toilet paper or paper towels on the floor that you accidentally drop, peeing on the seat and not cleaning it up, not turning the vent/fan on when you’re going #2, not using air freshener (hopefully, that’s in there if there’s no fan or vent) when you stank up the room/stall, leaving “residual matter” in the toilet that didn’t flush down on your first attempt (extra TP, floaters, etc.), and…my personal favorite…skid marks (although, floaters pretty much ties up with skid marks).

Now, if you walk into the bathroom at The Four Seasons (which has phenomenal public bathrooms, for the record), you’re cleaning up after yourself like you’re on the wait staff there.  In fact, you may even leave it cleaner than how you found it.

Which all brings me to the bathroom thing that I think about almost on a daily basis: the toilet brush.

I have a tendency to get frustrated with people that leave skid marks in a toilet, but how can I blame them if whoever operates the bathroom hasn’t provided a brush for people to use?

I mean, it happens, right?  And, sometimes it happens bad.  Like, real bad.  And, no matter how many times you flush or hold that little handle down, they’re not going away.  You just…need…a…brush.

I want every one of you reading this right now to stop and think about every toilet you are responsible for…and, make 100% certain that there is a brush next to every one of your toilets.  If not, that’s ok.  You just didn’t think of it.  It’s ok.  What’s not ok is if you don’t take a second right now to sign in to Amazon and order the appropriate number of brushes…and, have them delivered ASAP.

While you’re at it, order some freshener, especially if you don’t have a vent or fan in your bathroom.

On the other end (hahaha), it’s your responsibility to use the brush and freshener after you do your business.


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