Birthday Week: Day 2

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Maybe the MOST stressful CVS experience of all time. This doesn’t do justice to the sort of scene we created while there.


Wearing her shoes from Bushey’s wedding. Normal.


Replaced all 4 tires on the boat last weekend. Drove over a screw and need to get 1 replaced already. YAY!



This song makes my heart cry. It’s been on repeat for 24 hours. WHYYYY?


Ben killin’ it with his Bitmoji.

image image image image image imageimage image image image image image image image Seriously, you guys.  Ben is totally killing it this year with my birthday week.  He’s celebrating every decade of my life each day this week.

Monday was 0-10 years old, so he got me a stuffed duck-billed platypus because I told him I wanted a real one and if he knew me when I was that old he would’ve gotten me a stuffed animal.

Tuesday was 10-20 years old (the 80’s), so he made me a mix tape of all of “our” songs like he would’ve if he knew me when we were teenagers.  He actually made me a tape with all of the artists written on the cover, and gave it to me with a rainbow printed version of the write-up below.  It explains why he chose each of the songs.  I assumed he sat there and pulled up the lyrics online for each one, like most of us would.  But, he actually pulled up each one individually on YouTube, listened to the lyrics, made notes as he listened, then wrote all of this up.  He, then, had Dan The Intern make a playlist on Spotify so I could listen to it whenever I want to.

I love music.  I listen to it almost all day long.  And, to have something that has so much of Ben’s heart invested into it and that I have access to whenever I want?  It’s maybe one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.

This is why I love my birthday so much 🙂


Come Over, Kenny Chesney: When I hear this I think of you getting ready for dates night, standing in the bathroom with a glass of wine, while I wait, thinking about the times we used to date and I would anxiously be waiting for you to “come over”.

Crazy Girl, Eli Young Band: “Smartest thing I ever did was make you all mine.”  “Have I told you lately that I love you like crazy girl.”  This was my ring tone for you for a long time.  I like how the lyrics start with talking about a “crazy girl”, but it’s actually about how “I love you like crazy, girl.”  

Days Go By, Keith Urban: I am so happy that my days go by with you.  I love how you are so aware of how important every day is and not to let them slip by without really living and loving each moment.  

Summer Time, Chesney: This is the song that makes me think about the first country concert we went to.  I love the “2 barefeet on the dashboard”,  “bikini bottoms underneath, but boys hearts still skip a beat” and “sip a wine, it’s summertime.”  All three of those things are so you.

Springstein, Eric Church: I love that we fell in love with Eric Church together, and this is my favorite song and you are my favorite girl.  It makes me think about what it would have been like to be a teenager with you driving a Jeep around the cape on July Saturday night.

My Girl, Dylan Scott: Definitely the number one song that make me think of you.  “So pretty with no make up on.”  Yeah, that’s my girl in the passenger seat, windows down, dancing around causing a scene.”  “Making all the guys wish they were with them, but I bet they don’t see what I see when I see my girl.”  – LOVE YOU!

Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy), Big and Rich: This was a staple in your playlist when I first met you and one of the first country songs I liked.  I’ll admit it, I like country because of you.

Highway Don’t Care, Tim McGraw: For some reason this is another one that makes me think of getting ready for date night.  When I hear this one, I actually see you getting ready in slow motion and me hugging you and us laughing together.  It’s also the song that makes me think about when we travel solo and are on the way home to see each other.

Snapback, Old Dominion: You got me into OD and this is my favorite song by them.  

No Where Fast, OD: You got me into OD and this your favorite song by them.

Song for another time, OD: Or maybe this is your favorite OD song.  Lets go dancing on the ceiling.  

Die a happy man, Thomas Rhett: I like that her wrote this cause his wife said there were no more good love songs.  Great lyrics that are all about you… last night was one of the best nights, bottle of whine, the red and black dress…and if all I got is your hand in my hand I could die a happy man.  And after watching the video it makes me think of going to Hawaii with you.  

T Shirt, Rhett: You look damn good in a T-shirt.  Christmas lights in June anyone?

Wanna Be That Song, Bret Eldridge: I love how much you love music.  You know just about every word to every song and listen to music every minute, everywhere.  Music keeps you young, makes you smile, makes you roll down the windows and jam with Maya.  Music fills you up and makes you feel like you are right where you should be.  I want to be that for you.

Your Eyes, Peter Gabriel: Probably the most romantic song ever.  This is the song that is from the movie “Say Anything”, where John Cusack stands outside of his girlfriends house holind a boom box over his head blaring this song out of trying to win her back.  Awesome, romantic scene.  

H.O.L.Y. Florida Georgia Line: I didn’t like FGL till you had me listen to this song.  So now when I hear it I think of you and how you are my angel.  

Heart Beat, Carrie Underwood: Not sure why, but I think its hot that you think Carrie Underwood is hot, and this is one of the few songs that isn’t about killing someone that cheated on her.  

American Country Love Song, Jake Owen: ‘Merica!  Love!  You!  If we were kids growing up in the country this would be our theme song.  

I meet a girl, William Michael Morgan: Makes me think about the first time I talked about you with Steve.  I talked about how “I met a girl,  she made me smile, she made me wait.”

Wasted Time, Keith Urban: One of my favorite things to do is do nothing… It’s summer nights, hanging out in the back yard with you and the kids, with no shoes on, “wasting time”.    But we both know that it isn’t wasted time.  It’s the best thing we could be doing, and we know how to cherish the moment.   

Home Grown Honey, Darius Rucker: “Sitting at a bar in New York City, everybody here looking New York pretty.  But you’re the kind on girl that got that something, dancing to the groove like it aint’t nothing.  They ain’t never seen anything quite like you, long stem legs in your cowboy boots, throwing back whiskey no water – girl there aint’t nothing hotter.”   You are so hot baby.

Alright, Darius Rucker: I got the women I love laying in my bed, so I got everything I need.

This, Rucker: “Got a baby girl sleeping in my bedroom and her mamma laughin in my arms, there’s sound about the roof top and the games about to start…  Maybe it didn’t turn out like I planned, Maybe that’s why I’m such a lucky man.”  

Talladega, Eric Church: Such a good song, makes me think about going to his concerts with you and going to CrossFit while we are visiting your parents in Daytona and driving by the race track.  

Who I am with you, Chris Young: You make me a better person.  I love who I am with you, it’s who I really want to be.  I don’t think I knew who I was before I met you.  Love you.

Play it Again, Luke Bryan: I know you love this song and it makes you think of me, so it makes me think of you.

Don’t Stop Believin’, Journey: Since Mike D. requested this as the closing song to our engagement party at Michelle’s Hingham house I think about you whenever I hear this classic.   Great song to end a playlist with.  



Kelsey Brumfield September 28, 2016 at 8:38 am

Heather, I am a recently new follower to your blog, (followed you and Ben on Instagram for a while now), and every morning now that you switched to this time posting I look forward to reading your posts. Whether it be when I am getting ready for work, or just getting to work (shh, don’t tell) I love your posts and how real they are! It’s pretty much like you are my Lauren Akins! Your husband got me on this one, tears and all! Kudos to him!!!

And Happy Birthday week!

Rachel September 28, 2016 at 1:30 pm

I literally teared up at this! It seems like you guys have such a great relationship. I don’t know you personally, but I still look up to you and Ben’s relationship!

Karen Arnold September 28, 2016 at 5:00 pm

That was a really thoughtful birthday gift!


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