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Bode Didn’t Get His Little Ninja Stripe At Jiu-Jitsu Today

posted by Heather October 27, 2017 0 comments

#1. These two are equally OBSESSED with nature and animal shows. It’s sort of funny how they both love it so much. #2. I’m beginning to really hate the look of recessed lighting…like in this picture…but, can’t yet get over the efficiency of it. Standby.

Tracy and I found our yoga studio, Element 3 Yoga, in Framingham. We tried Bikram last week, but it was too intense for what we wanted. Personally, I wanted a yoga practice to do on my rest day that was almost all stretching/some meditation and very little anything else (strengthening, core, etc.). I just feel like I train so hard every other day of the week, and I really want to improve my flexibility. My body really needs a BREAK these days, and anything beyond something like a Flow yoga style is just too much for what I want. We found a really cool studio that I think we can grow at as it offers things like aerial yoga, yin yoga, taoist yoga, and even blacklight yoga with props 🙂 Haha. Anyway, I’m super happy about this.

It’s an issue.

Ben went down to the Cape and took his mom out on a dinner date tonight 🙂

Bode didn’t get a stripe today at jiu jitsu.  The Little Ninjas there get a stripe after each class that they complete successfully.  That includes behaving and paying attention.  Bode was, apparently, fooling around with some other boys and was told he didn’t earn his stripe for this class.

When he came over after class and told me that, his eyes filled up with tears and he had the saddest little look on his face ever.  As his mom, I half wanted to immediately lecture him on behaving properly…and, the other half of me wanted to just hold him and rub the back of his head until I found a smile on his face again.

Instead, I just said, “Oh, ok Bode.  Let’s go home and talk about it.”

Which is exactly what we did.

Again, I found myself using lessons at hoe that we preach and practice in training: you have to have set-backs in life to truly learn and become a better athlete, spouse, and just all around human being.

I told Bode that it was ok that he got in trouble, it was ok that he didn’t get a stripe, and it was ok that he felt so sad about how that class went.  Because if none of that had happened, he wouldn’t realize how he was taking things for granted and how bad it feels to be disappointed in yourself.

I told him that now he knows how to behave the right way and how he doesn’t ever want to feel like that again.

It’s like that when you don’t work as hard as you know you could have in a workout.  It’s like that when you don’t earn a grade you wanted in a class because you chose to go to a friend’s house instead of studying for a quiz.  And, it’s like that when you give in and eat a block of cheese and a sleeve of crackers and then end up feeling gross, gaining 2 pounds, and get a zit right on the tip of your nose for a week.

It’s all ok, you just need to make sure you never let it happen again.

Or, invest in a really great acne treatment.

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