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Bode On The Meaning Of Love

posted by Heather April 5, 2018 0 comments

What I find is that every time I think I’ve got “it” down and figured out, something happens, the plan changes out of necessity for some reason one day, and a better way of doing it is born. That’s what happened last Thursday when Ben and I had to divide and conquer so that I could be there for Maya’s first scrimmage while the little kids could simultaneously still attend jiu jitsu and swim class. After their activities, Ben had them sit at the dinner table while he read them books. If they wanted him to keep reading, they had to keep taking bites every time he turned a page. He said it worked like a CHARM. They ate more than they’ve eaten for dinner in a long time, AND they sat peacefully at the table for the entire meal. We also happened to have just gone to Kindergarten Orientation where the teachers told us that our kids would never get ANY homework other than reading every night. So, since I’m an all or nothing kinda’ personality, I decided that we’re doing this reading thing for every meal: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

My friend, Jess, hurt her quad the other day and texted me CONVINCED that she had gotten a stress fracture. When I asked her why she thought that was her diagnosis, she just said that it was just something she heard was “a thing”, so she jumped to that. In all honesty, can’t say I don’t do that, like, 3-5 times every week. Rather than direct her to my favorite orthopedist, Sean Rockett, I gave her my own advice of completely resting it from activity and try the following home remedies.

This one’s my favorite: Jess texts me the next day and tells me that she got a little confused and bought HORSERADISH instead of TURMERIC ROOT. Jess, I’m pretty sure they’re not even in the same region in the grocery store, honey. But, she did see improvement that night…so, maybe she’s onto something?

This is HL’s version of what her instructor is doing. No, actually, this is the height that her knee lifts.


When I need to bring the little kids with me to PT, I inform the team over there that they should go to work that day with their ponchos and helmets. It is COMPLETE chaos when we are all there. That’ll teach you to give me the time slots I request.

The very first thing this child does when she gets out of the car at the farm at 8:20 every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Hence, the reason I need to wash her farm gear BEFORE I put it into the washing machine.

NO, I didn’t stage this at all.

A little throwback to a year ago when Maya passed her drivers test 🙂 Even with the smallest nail thumb beds on a human being.

I, literally, don’t even know how this is interesting at all. Good thing he has a father that does.

This morning, the kids got up early before Ben even left for CFNE.  They usually transition to being awake by climbing onto the couch with one of our many fuzzy, super cozy blankets.  Harley Love always, without fail, says, “I want someone to snuggle me.”

Since this morning Bode was down early, too, I couldn’t help but bypass my normal highly regimented routine to go lay down with the two of them.

Today was even more extra-special because Ben got sucked into the snuggle madness, too.  So, the four of us started our own little love circle while piled on top of each other.

There were limbs and extremeties everywhere you looked, but it was as perfect as a pile of spaghetti.

“I love you’s” were getting thrown around like it was our job, and everyone was working it.

Finally, Ben says, “Bode, do you know what it means to love someone?”

Bode got a huge smile on his face, paused for about 5 seconds, then says as clear as day, “It’s when you care about someone more than you care about yourself.”

I, literally, couldn’t have said it any better myself.

Sometimes that’s how 5 year old boys work.

They keep it short, and simple, and spot on.

And, I’ll never forget it.


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