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Can It Wait?

posted by Heather January 10, 2019 0 comments
Time to clean out my backpack.
New Bentgo Boxes 🙂
A little throwback to the good old Miss Ally days 🙂

I am about as impulsive as they come. Seriously. If I were an eskimo standing in a grocery store line, I’d probably buy a block of ice if it were sitting right there next to the gum and Tic Tacs. Wait, is that the analogy I was thinking of? My brain is so dead I can’t even. You get what I mean. Actually, maybe you don’t.

Start over.

So, I’m impulsive. When something flashes across my mind, an idea or a thought of something I should do, I want to do it immediately.

I was just in the shower thinking about whether we should go skiing or not this weekend because the weekend forecast was for frigid temperatures as of yesterday. Instead of waiting until I got out of the shower to pull up my weather app, I flung the door right open while water is spraying everywhere, reached across to the counter while even more water is dripping off my upper body all over the floor, and get my phone soaked while I try to get the screen to work despite the amount of water that’s now created a barrier between my finger and the phone as I frantically try to swipe and navigate the menu screen.

It just got me thinking: would anything about this weekend’s forecast be different if I had just waited the remaining 7 minutes of my shower? Actually, yes. My bathroom wouldn’t look like my kids had had a supersoaker water gun fight in there. But, the forecast wouldn’t have changed at all.

The car is the worst because if I’m not being distracted by a phone call or some epic podcast, my brain suddenly starts working and I start rolling through a million things that I could do while I’m driving. And, I know how dangerous it is do anything but drive while you’re driving…but, it’s like torture. I mean, the only time of the day that my brain isn’t completely dead and useless is the only time of the day when I need to exhibit restraint and simply focus on driving, and maybe the lyrics to whatever song happens to be on at that moment.

So, I’ve just been trying to put the damn breaks on a little and think for a hot second before I instinctively act upon ideas that come up in my head.

Will anything be different if this waits a few minutes?

Is the outcome time sensitive?

“Can it wait?”

9 out of 10 times, the answer is 100% YES it can wait.

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