Can’s Vs. Should’s

posted by Heather October 19, 2021 0 comments
Maya turned 21 on Cinco De Mayo in 2021. Is that not THE best 21st birth date of all time? You are welcome, darling. Hahaha
I call this “progress”.
Her birthday card from Ben’s mom.
Her housemates hooked her UP
And, THEN she had an “incident” with a knife. That’s what she gets for eating processed carbs in the form of bread.
Bode asked me to make him a tiger cake.
Her Mother’s Day outfit stole the show.

I don’t know about you, but there are plenty of times I need to stop and remind myself: “Just because I can, that doesn’t mean I should.”

Just because I have time doesn’t mean I should just do another workout.

Just because there’s more wine in the bottle doesn’t mean I should have another glass.

Just because we have no plans on a Saturday night doesn’t mean we should come up with something to do.

Just because I’m running a few minutes early doesn’t mean I should squeeze in a quick project instead of just arriving a few minutes early.

Just because there’s an almost empty bag of tortilla chips left doesn’t mean I should just finish it.

Just because Netflix is automatically starting another episode of a show I’m watching doesn’t mean I should sit there and watch it.

“Can’s” can so quickly turn into “should’ve” in our sub-conscious. But, I don’t want to simply be a pawn in the precious time I have here in this life. I want to take on ownership of where my energy is sent, what experiences I choose to take on, and the decisions I make that indirectly, yet so certainly, affect my bigger picture.

I cannot afford to mindlessly sacrifice things I should be doing, with things I really just should not.