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Can’t BELIEVE How Good I Feel :)

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My friends are absolutely amazing. All of the love I’m getting showered with is just completely overwhelming me. Thank you guys for the cards, the emails, the text messages, the everythings. It makes me so much happier than you could ever imagine.

My excessive attempt to NOT get constipated…because that’s one of the worst feelings I’ve ever experienced. So, kale and berries it is.

Michelle Marshall, who was actually my maid of honor in our wedding, has been so incredibly helpful in a hundred different ways. She even gave me this gorgeous little rock to “look over me”. I just love it 🙂

And, Ben’s lunch. Classic.

A little teaser for our holiday card. I can’t wait to get it finished.

When Ronda Rockett (yes, Sean, my surgeon’s wife) babysits your kids and figures out how to entertain them for hours in your car. They must LOVE her, because I never let them do this 🙂

OR, take them to pizza 😉

Honest to God, this whole process couldn’t have gone any smoother, been any less comfortable than what I was expecting, and just been any more successful than it has been so far.

And, despite what Mike Giorgio trying to be The Grinch and convince me that this is all just the drugs talking, my own surgeon, Sean, has assured me that the worst is behind me.

I didn’t even have to have anesthesia.  I was sedated and given a nerve block, but no anesthesia…which for me means no emotional breakdowns and puddles of tears after waking up from the surgery, and walking around feeling totally like myself.

With, of course, the exception of the nerve block completely taking away all feeling from my shoulder down to my hand.  Which, by the way, is the single weirdest feeling I think I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.

When I was registering at the front desk of the surgical building at Newton-Wellesley, I saw Sean heading down to the cafeteria for lunch before his next operation.  He came right over, hugged me, and immediately started writing on my shoulder.  With his ballpoint pen.  At the front desk of reception.  Not exactly the usual greeting on the day of your surgery, but it was great and made me feel so much better.

As our escort walked us into the pre-op area, we immediately ran into Elaine Metcalf, my OBGYN who delivered Bode and Harley Love.  She was meeting with some patients, but also reminded me that she’s having the exact same surgery as me TODAY.

Then, we turn around and see Jack, one of our old members, who happens to be an anesthesiologist at the hospital.

Finally, Sean turns the corner, high 5’s Ben and gives me another hug.

Our escort was like, who are you people?

After Ben stopped trying to wear the plastic gloves over his head and pretending like he was going to do an exam on me, we started all of the pre-op business.

Fast forward to getting home: felt totally fine aside from the weirdness from the nerve block.  Laid down in our bed, which is ironically just like a hospital bed in that the head and feet can elevate and has massage options.  I got it as a gift from a company back in 2010 when I was an individual Games athlete as a sort of sponsorship.  We never use any of it, until we have some major surgery like this, when it actually comes in really handy.

The block wore off around midnight, which is simultaneously when the tears and hysterical crying from pain began.  Rough, rough night, but the oxy helped a little bit and I felt a LOT better in the morning when I started really moving around: making beds, cleaning up some toys, trying to help get the kids out for the farm, sweeping the kitchen…and, COFFEE 🙂

I definitely feel the worst when I’m sitting down or, especially, laying down for too long.

So, I am standing and walking around.  A lot.

In all honesty, though, I can’t believe how good I feel.  In the middle of the night, it was an entirely different story.  But, I almost feel like this all can’t be happening.  I mean, I feel like I could go to the gym and ride the bike for a half hour…and, it would make me feel better.

Instead, I’m making our holiday card, updating my address list, writing this blog (which is taking longer than usual because of how many typing errors I’m making), and weighing and measuring every single thing that goes in my mouth because I’m not exactly earning more than the minimum right now.

Having a lot of freedom to use my hand without moving my shoulder at all is such a game changer.

See?  I told you this wasn’t going to be that bad at all.

Actually, I don’t know that I actually said that at all.

But, it’s WAYYY better than I thought it was going to be 🙂

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