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Celiac Disease!?!

posted by Heather June 28, 2018 0 comments

Alex’s wife, Liza, has been going to the Rothfeld Center For Integrative Medicine for a while now, and swears they have changed their family’s lives by taking the time to ask questions, dig to find answers, and continue to be committed to seeing how changes and develops over time.  They’ve helped their family really figure out what’s been the causes of some plaguing health issues for them and what lifestyle changes they need to make to fix them.  She just can’t say enough good things about the place, so eventually I decided to get our family on board, too.

We don’t have “huge” issues, but Ben’s got some allergies that he struggles with all year long, Jonah and I have some digestion stuff that we deal with here and there, Maya’s had some interesting fatigue and anxiety things for a couple of years, Harley Love’s got some bumps on her skin and complains about her belly hurting a fair amount, and Bode…well, he’s fine…he just barely eats and weighs less than his younger sister.

So, we don’t have anything urgent going on over here, but we can definitely use some digging and tweaking.  I called Rothfeld and set up appointments for Ben, Maya, Jonah, and myself.  They said they don’t really do anything for little kids unless there’s something specific going on, so I figured I’d hold off on them.

Maya had an appointment last week, but she didn’t want to be bothered with it; she was just days into her first full-time job working with Ben at CFNE, it’s the summer right after she graduated high school and wanted to spend every free second with friends, and she just didn’t feel like she had anything serious enough that she needed to sit in an office with someone for hours dissecting her health status.

But, we talked her into it because we knew once she went to college in the Fall, she’d be even more resistant to finding time for something like this and we always preach about how “health is everything”.  There was nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain by her just keeping her appointment.

Her practitioner sat with her for almost 2 hours asking her questions about everything from her diet to her activity level to her life experiences and emotions.  Afterwards, she had Maya do a bunch of blood work based off what her “symptoms” were for different things.

Yesterday, I get a voicemail from them telling me that they have some lab results for Maya.  Excuse me?  I know that they only call you with results if something’s up.

That’s when they dropped the news: Maya has Celiac Disease.

We had no idea what it was, what it meant for her, or how to deal with it…but, luckily, we have Liza who is like our in-family physician, as far as I’m concerned.  What I know at this point is that while it’s not a life-threatening condition at this point, it’s something that we all need to take very seriously.

What I also know is that while it’s not the best news in the world, it’s the BEST THING IN THE WORLD that we now know.  It’s SO great that she’s found it and can start fixing it.  It’s pretty late in the game to find it, which will hopefully be OK, but she knowsThank God she ended up going to that appointment and that she found someone who listened enough to know what to look for.

If you follow us at all, you know Maya.  You know that she’s happy and healthy and so active.  There were no real red flags telling us that we had anything to really worry about.  But, there is clearly way more going inside our bodies than the outside of our body is sometimes willing to uncover.

So, I guess I’m using this post as a way of encouraging people to take the time to sit down with someone who will do the same for you as this office did for Maya.  You may find nothing, but you may find something that could change your life.

It’s like we say all the time, health is everything.  It’s worth your time.

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