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Chris Kresser on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

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Bode’s first class with his new YELLOW belt 🙂

We saw one of Harley Love’s teachers at the library! HL must’ve been like, “WHY AREN’T YOU AT SCHOOL???”

NOT going skiing on Saturday.

Made one of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever made this morning in this little guy that Harry gave me years ago for my birthday 🙂

Jonah last night making music in his little “studio” while we all went to bed. I swear to you, he’s going to be the next Dr. Dre some day.

Maya gave me this little tattoo last night 🙂

I had a great conversation this morning with one of my favorite friends on the planet, Ronda Rockett, that was sort of fueled by a Joe Rogan Experience podcast I’ve been listening to over the course of the last day or so.  It’s 2 hours and 20 minutes, which I love because I like settling into a conversation with a guest that I am in awe of: Chris Kresser.

I am hugely fortunate to be surrounded by people like Ben and EC Synkowski who I find to be fountains of rich, new, trustworthy information…particularly in regards to nutrition.  But, whenever I have conversations with them about health and nutrition, their sources more than often circle back to this guy.

And, after finally listening to him talk, I can totally see why.

As with any experience you have with someone who’s giving you advice or coaching in any capacity, you know you’ve found a good source when you have a strong gut feeling (every pun intended) that you can trust that person.  For whatever reason, what they say consistently jives with your perspective on life and everything they say inspires you to make better decisions…even if they’re harder than what you’re already doing.  And, instead of frustrating you that they’re making your job in life harder, they motivate you to work harder towards a grander, more informed and trusted goal.

I’m not sure that makes any sense on a computer screen, but it makes total sense in my often very confused brain.  So, take that for whatever it’s worth to you.

But, the thing Kresser said at the beginning-ish of the podcast that I was talking with Ronda about this morning is this: science is built on uncertainty.

I love this stance because I think we, many as responsible adults and many of us parents and/or resources for others, have to be very careful about our approach to making sense of an area that can often feel overwhelming and confusing.

I think we need to very careful about living our lives waiting for information on health and wellness to land in our laps, and then locking all of that information in our brains and taking it all in as “facts” that hold forever.

I think this approach is super dangerous in that our understanding of health and wellness ends up being based on information that has taken 10 years to arrive on your doorstep through the process of printing textbooks that students and physicians read over the course of time and years of study in medical school, despite findings and theories that disprove the findings and theories that are in those very books during that course of time.

The truth is, if you’re genuinely interested in doing your best to make your own informed decisions about your health and the health of your family and friends, you know that you can’t just “do your best” with what you hear from your doctor, or the latest news broadcast, or what you read in a magazine in line at the grocery store.

You actually have to feed your curiosity and seek out information and be open to new information that may break the theories that your parents and your doctors and your coaches all told you throughout your entire childhood, and beyond.

Yes, it’s possible that ulcers aren’t actually caused by stress and may be a product of an unhealthy gut.

Yes, it’s possible that HDL is no longer considered the “good” cholesterol, versus LDL being the “bad” cholesterol.

Yes, it’s possible that Alzheimers and dimentia are as influenced by nutritional and lifestyle behaviors as Type 2 Diabetes is.

And, yes, it’s possible that a white potato can turn into a “healthy” starch just by heating and cooling it, and gets even healthier if you repeat that process many more times.  So, white potato salad CAN be fair game.

It’s all possible, but it does all sound in conflict with what we’ve all been told our whole lives.

We have to not only be open to ideas that conflict with our current understanding of the world around us, but seek out and actually look for new discoveries and findings that disprove what we “know” to be true.



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