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Christmas With Alex And His Family

posted by Heather January 2, 2019 0 comments
Loving that the kids are at an age where they can play for at least a few minutes, and I can sit there and read/write.
Lunch…at a table.
Whole Foods totally hoppin’ on New Year’s Day.
Didn’t realize that, like, every take-out restaurant that we tried to order from was going to be closed for the holiday today. So, we pulled it together last second.
Chaddy was just the headliner last night at Boston’s First Night in Copley! So great to hear what his experience was like on the night.
Bode and Alex’s son, Shaymus, have the exact same birthday, just a year apart. It’s almost actually unbelievable.
Kennedy did HL’s makeup 🙂
Us reminiscing on what it was like when we were still a family. SO dysfunctional it’s almost not even funny.
Bode pulling an all-nighter putting together his new project from the Gallaghers.

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