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“Clean” Vs. “Dry”

posted by Heather August 15, 2016 0 comments

Little pre-bedtime family ride for this crew tonight.


My training squad almost every morning. They clearly need to lean out and start exercising more 😉


If you see a photo on my blog that seems like it’s far, far, FAR nicer than any of the others, you can count on it being one of Jordan Samuel’s photos. He’s fantastic, and he thinks my kids are adorable. So, we keep him around 😉 Thanks, Jordan!


Morgan and Brian finishing up the gymnastics rings and cutting the mats for the floors.


Ahhhh…Paleo Power Meals delivery day.


I started ordering their tuna salad with an extra carton of just the salad stuff so I could get more veggies in since these are so protein heavy.


Ordered an entire container of shoestring sweet potato fries for salads and meal toppers.


Put them on top of my Paleo Power Veggie Blend and Wild Caught Herb Crusted Salmon.


Inspiration for the post #1:


And, #2.

image image image image  Every now and then, I’ll admit that I write up a post as a gift to people who I know are seeing the same thing I am, don’t know how to say it to someone, and are able to repost what I say or even just forward it to the appropriate people in an effort to deal with them…but, by using my blog in an effort to avoid an awkward conversation.

So, here you are: boys, in particular, need to stop acting like “airing out” their funky, sweaty gym items is the equivalent of “washing” them with soap and water.

It’s gross.  It smells.  And, it makes anyone that comes within a short radius of you and those items throw up a little bit in their mouths.

Every year about this time, I end up writing a blog post in the hopes of a particular person reading it that has clearly violated the rule of washing things like knee sleeves, compression gear, gym shorts, gloves, shirts, hats, and anything else that you sweat in, especially during times like summer months.

The summer isn’t when this whole thing hits it’s peak just because you sweat more, but because things tend to dry more efficiently when left out.  Obviously, when things dry out they don’t smell as bad as when they’re wet and sweaty…but, just because they’re dry and don’t smell at that particular moment does NOT mean they’re magically “clean” again.

Air does not clean things.  It helps to a certain degree, but it does NOT actually do any level of cleaning whatsoever.

Rinsing is a good compromise.  Rinsing things out with fresh water is definitely a step in the right direction.  I’m not insisting that you always need to run something through the washing machine or hand wash it with soap in the sink.  In fact, I think if you do that too often, your gear will likely age prematurely.

For example, I only put my knee sleeves in the washing machine once every couple weeks in the summer if I’m wearing them a lot.  If I did it more often than that, I’d be buying knee sleeves every month for no really good reason.  Rinsing them and wringing them out, then laying them out to dry is totally fine.  But, every once in a while they do need a good cleaning.

Same thing goes for things like arm sleeves, hats, gloves, etc.

One thing is for sure, though: clothing needs to be cleaned.  Shirts, shorts, socks, underwear of any kind (I cannot beLIEVE that I feel the need to specify that this stuff needs to be in this conversation) and headbands worn for workouts when you sweat in them absolutely need to be washed.

So, when my little squad of brothers at the gym today are trying to convince me that hanging their clothing on their side-view mirrors while they drive around in the summertime is the same washing them, I almost wanted to put them in time-out.

Just to top it all off, I get a video from Jordan who has hung his headband from training on his side mirror to “wash” it.

So funny, Jordan.  Hysterical.

Well, there you have it.

You are welcome 🙂

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