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“Cole Sager WILL Podium At The 2017 CrossFit Games”

posted by Heather July 25, 2016 1 Comment

Ben doing his classic move of randomly/not-so-randomly spitting liquids and food out of his mouth on camera.


Rockett man with his ADORABLE parents picking him up at the airport at 11pm like he was their little boy coming home from college. How CUTE is that!?! And, look at his little mama bear. I told her I liked her outfit and she did a little mama bear dance for me 🙂


Paul picked US up at the airport like the total rock star that he is. And, Susan stayed with the kids from Thursday through tonight. I, seriously, don’t know what we would do without our families.


These guys are, rightly so, getting a little tired of me pretending I’m the paparazzi constantly.


My parents have the grandkids on a camping trip in Maine!


Couch stretch. Normal.


Ben delivering his “this is your get fit plan for the year” speech to Kat…less than 15 hours after winning the CrossFit Games.

image image image image image image image image imageI have had the privilege of meeting and getting to know some incredible, incredible athletes in the sport of CrossFit, but an athlete that stands out to me as one of the most unique and consistently impressive is Cole Sager.

I mean that on so many very different levels, too.

We’ve been lucky enough to get to know him even more so than most of the other athletes that come out to train with Ben because when he’s in town, he will stay at our home with us.  Those are the situations that present the best opportunities to really get to know someone like that because they’re not just coming over for a nice dinner; you see what their morning routine is, you spend a lot of time at the kitchen table sharing stories about your families and upbringing, you see what they do with their free time in that hour or two following dinner and before bedtime, you see if they’re helpful around the house or if they just expect you to “serve” them during their stay, you see if they make their bed every morning and what state they leave the room they’re staying in, you see how they interact with your kids and friends that they are just introduced to, and you sometimes even deal with some level of conflict and see how easy or difficult it is to resolve it with them.

While he’s not perfect (and, for the record, no one is perfect), he’s about as close as a visiting athlete has ever gotten to being perfect.

I will say that one of my favorite things is listening to his view on the world.  Cole’s intensity and fierceness, in a very positive way, as an athlete absolutely carries over into his personality outside of athletics.

This guy is a thinker.  He’s the sort of guy that I would’ve seen in one of my philosophy and ethics classes in college, and he would be leading conversations like he were the professor.

He is hugely spiritual…or, religious…or, I don’t know what his exact wording would be…but, I know he would have a very specific way of describing what he is because he thinks about it and contemplates it all of the time.  When I talk about what athletes do after dinner and before bedtime, this is what Cole does: reads the Bible, writes reflections in his journal, talks for hours with Maya about specific verses and how they apply to their individual lives.  It’s incredibly powerful to watch.

And, man, does this guy love his wife, Gennessee.

This is a man that after getting to spend even a small amount of time with, it becomes crystal clear where his values and priorities are: his family, his relationship with God, and his sport.  He is laser focused on those three things and every single thing he does, he does to improve those things in his life.

One of my favorite feelings about this guys is this: he is a phenomenal student.  While Cole Sager is wildly intense and opinionated with what he believes to be true, he is equally open-minded and eager to be better.  And, he embraces the idea that to be better in life, you need to listen and be open to criticism.  Finally, he takes on that very criticism and, without hesitation or any degree of being defensive, uses it as fuel to be a better man.

Cole Sager blew us all away this year at The CrossFit Games.  Blew us away.  We knew he had it in him, we just didn’t know he had that much in him.  Our entire Bergeron family, including Katrin, simply could not be prouder of him and the heart and soul he brought out on that competition floor all week.  It is such a concrete example of just how powerful the mind can be.  You can have the fittest body and the most finely tuned technical skills in the world, but if your mental game has holes…at all…you will inevitably fall short.

And, Cole Sager’s mind is about as strong as the human mind can get.

I’m calling it now, so mark my words: you will see Cole Sager standing on the podium at the 2017 CrossFit Games next year.

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Tara July 26, 2016 at 8:45 am

The guys face on the picture behind you on the plane is priceless!


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