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Crazy Girls

posted by Heather July 1, 2019 4 Comments
Mornings are, basically, a liquid diet for me.
John teaching Bode Crossover Symmetry, and doing pretty damn good job of it.
Bode taking the 9:30 class at CFNE.
Ben and his mini-me.
Got attacked by a rained on bush at 7am. Kicking the day off like a true porn star.
One of my favorite times of the day: when this kid turns the corner with the poutiest face on ever.
DYING over all of the pics people send me like this.
Kids, we’re gonna’ be FIIIIIINE.
That’s either a typo, or a LOT of rowing.
Dinnertime 🙂
From EC; I send her these periodically. The inside of the polar bear card: “Never drinking again.”
The lineup from my first ever CrossFit competition in Albany, NY.

Girlfriends, here’s the painful truth: guys think we’re crazy. No, like, actually crazy. And, when they’re finally trying to dial it in and decide on who the girl is that they want to end up committing to, the decision comes down to this: which one is the least crazy, while still having all of the “good” stuff, too (attractive, fun to hang out with, similar lifestyle, has a functioning brain, etc.). *Ben actually just goes, “The brain part? Meh.” Apparently, lucky for me, the brain thing doesn’t even matter.

I wanted so badly to disprove this whole argument when Ben and I were in the heat of it today, but I have to be honest and say that I had trouble coming up with more than 1 girlfriend of mine who had all the good stuff…and, didn’t have a noticeable “crazy” quality, too.

The whole conversation started with me telling Ben that I still question his character for having stayed with me even after I unveiled my own levels of crazy several different times when we were starting to date. He admitted to knowing at the time about all of the crazy parts of me, but finally said that after going through the whole dating scene…I was his best worst case scenario of crazy.

Ben right now: “DON’T SAY THAT!”

Me right now: “WELL, THAT’S WHAT YOU SAID.”

The thing that many of us, including myself, have a tendency to do is react when we really should respond. Reacting is more impulsive, emotional, and the times we regret saying something in the heat of a moment. Responding is more thoughtful, patient, and leaves us feeling like we turned a conflict with someone into an opportunity to improve our relationship with them, not drive them further away from us.

Listen, let’s not turn this into a deep, intellectual look at the state of relationship dynamics. Take these words for what I meant for them to be: an opportunity to laugh at ourselves for things we’ve likely been guilty of at some point in our lives. No, it’s not just girls and this doesn’t pertain to all girls, all of the time. Our feelings are worthy and real, not “crazy”. And, yes, brains are important. Just not to my husband, thank God.

But, it never hurts to tuck that crazy deep down in a pocket and save it for a really “special” moment 😉


michelle lee July 1, 2019 at 11:03 am

Heather would you be able to tell me where you “H” necklace is from? Is it Oak and Luna the gold 18 inch? Thanks

Heather July 3, 2019 at 9:19 pm


Robyn July 1, 2019 at 5:23 pm

Haha love this one! Were you “arguing” bc of what Ben said, or was is the way he said it, or what exactly? Just curious. He mentioned on his podcast from today that y’all had a heated discussion (not sure of that was the word he used) but it seems like this conversation was a productive one.
I didn’t comment before but I love that you harp on being on time. That’s a big one for me too.
Keep up the great work! And thanks for sharing.

Heather July 3, 2019 at 9:19 pm

It was more like I was interrogating him! Haha! I do that to him periodically, and he gets this look on his face like he’s trying to figure out if it’s a trap and he’s going to get in trouble if he tells me the truth, or if I just actually want to know the details about something. Poor guy!


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