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Dave Hamel: “WOW”

posted by Heather May 17, 2016 0 comments

Dinner: a summer “salsa” (strawberries, apple, blood oranges, avocado, red onion, fresh lemon juice, bacon, and strawberries on the side. Also, grilling some steaks from Brian’s (intern) family’s farm with some smoked mesquite salt seasoning.


When you throw YOURSELF under the bus and post a picture of you skipping lunch so you can eat plantain chips and drink coffee, it sort of negates the whole thing and makes it ok, right?


Big Daddy Brad Wasik pushing his son, Stevie Guns, through the “Sugar Daddy” workout with the 8:30 class. LOVE this. So bad ass, brother.


Every morning Bode runs out and kisses Daddy before he drives away. He said afterwards that he loves Daddy more than Thomas and Paw Patrol. That’s real, right there.


Only at Noble & Greenough School. I’m going to try and one up them, dammit.


We had a little headband party while I was getting ready for training this morning. It was epic.


You don’t even KNOW how many times a week I find old pieces of ham laying around in our home. We are disgusting.


I was FaceTiming Maya last night and Liza saw that I lay in bed with my hair fluffed up over the top of my pillow. I told her it’s so I can wake up with volume in the morning. See? Not too bad, right?


She sent this back to me this morning to brag about the fact that she has natural volume and doesn’t have to use my pillow techniques. Fine, just another way that I don’t measure up to her. She’s clearly got me on this one.


Sent this one to Harry and Max this morning. Just ‘cuz.


Father’s Day gift potential HIGH.

image Dave Hamel.  I, honestly, don’t think there is a single human being on the Planet Earth who is not just sitting around waiting for the next time they get to spend time with this guy.

When you are at CFNE and you see him roll into the parking lot with a full sized tree in the back of his Hamel Bros. Landscaping pick-up truck, you just sit there anxiously waiting the 15-20 minutes you know it’s going to take him to walk the 30 meters in his muddy boots, poison ivy infested jeans, and Hamel Bros. t-shirt because he’s fielding 3 back-to-back estimates on his cell phone before he finally enters the building.

But, when he trucks in like he just dug a 6 foot deep hole with his bare hands and contrasting chubby cheeked Hamel smile, you know your morning of training just got 600% better.

I don’t know what it is about the guy, but he is, honest to God, maybe the most liked person at CFNE.  Like, if we were all in high school together, he’d definitely get the “Person You’d Most Want To Get Stranded On A Desert Island With” superlative.

He can relate with anyone: 20 year old guys that hang out at the gym all day bro-ing out, 40 year old stay-at-home Mom’s that love hearing stories about his 4 kids under the age of 8, fellow Natick veterans and other guys that work the landscaping scene, anyone wanting to hear his insane stories about his 11 siblings, and all of us CFNE folk that just cannot believe how he squeezes all of that in and still manages to be one of the fittest guys in the world at 40 years old.

When this guy is recapping a workout or anxiously waiting to hear how you broke up your reps, you know you’re gonna’ get the world famous “wow” from him that is guaranteed to leave 4 or 5 people on the floor in tears.  It’s classic.

Dave qualified 8th in the world for the Masters competition at the Games this year and I can say that in my almost 10 years of being in the CrossFit scene, I’ve never seen more people committed to voluntarily supporting an athlete to reaching his goals.

I was lucky enough to compete with him on the CFNE Team last year, and this guy was our glue.  He kept us grounded, he made the entire thing fun, and he worked his ass off so much that none of us had an excuse to slack.  If Hamel could run a business, be an incredible Dad and husband for his family, and still go at it 100%, it made it easy for us to get fired up to train together every day and compete on that floor to represent our CFNE community.

I wish all of you readers that have never met him, live on the other side of the world, and are sitting there thinking, “Yeah, I know a guy like him,” could understand there really just isn’t anyone like him in the whole world.

Dave Hamel is one of a kind.  I have no recollection of how he ended up with us, but I will forever be grateful to have him in our community.

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