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Day 1: Letting Go

posted by Heather January 1, 2021 0 comments

Letting go. Of anything. Is almost never easy.

And, there is so much to let go of: bad habits, articles of clothing, the books on our shelves, grudges, worries, children as they grow up, loved ones that are about to die, and relationships that no longer make sense for a variety of reasons.

We will do anything, go to almost any length, to preserve our memory of how those things made us feel or the moments that those things represent for us. For better or worse, these efforts can be paralyzing. They can keep us locked up in a world that no longer exists, a chapter of our lives that has come…and, gone.

Today, New Year’s Day, is a beautiful time to let those things go that deserve to be freed. It is the time to respect those items, those feelings, those people that have shared something with us and release them to make room for more growth. When we let go, we create  new ground to plant new seeds that will, in turn, provide us with new experiences.

So, here’s to showing gratitude to the things that have made us who we are today by letting the things go that no longer serve us: an article of clothing that reminds us of something but we know will likely never be used again, a security blanket we’ve held wrapped around our children who have “outgrown” it, or a grudge that we still have with someone that is doing nothing but draining our positive pool of energy.

And, this relationship is linear. If it’s easy to let go of, we will find some more space. But, if we take the time to sit with ourselves and really dig up the bigger things that take us out of our comfort zone…THIS is when we can clear the field of our own potential. Because it will soon be time to start planting our seeds that we will nurture into a bountiful harvest when the time is right. 

Are you ready to begin clearing your space?