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Deal With It

posted by Heather February 5, 2018 0 comments

Sunday mornings are for Girls Brunch 🙂

Decided to make use of the leftover almond meal from making almond milk this morning.

Made cheddar crackers.

Like, a whole box worth.

When I was at breakfast, I went looking for HL and turned the corner down the bathroom hallway to see nothing more than the steel tips of this kid’s cowboy boots dangling from the potty.

Made Ben a Smoothie Bowl for a snack.

Bode made a “stampede”. HAHAHA 🙂

When the Pats are in the Super Bowl, we let our kids watch a movie in our bed.

Maya has been sick-ish for the last month or so, and has been going back and forth with me about whether she thinks she should go to the doctor to see if something’s wrong.

I haven’t pushed her in either direction because she’s proven to be responsible enough to make that call on her own.

Or, so I thought.

Tonight, she confessed that she doesn’t want to go to the doctor because she’s nervous he’s going to tell her she has pneumonia (which has been going around).

I had to remind her that just because she doesn’t go to the doctor…in which case he doesn’t tell her she has pneumonia…that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have pneumonia.

Whether she goes to the doctor or not, she has what she has.  Just because someone doesn’t tell her she’s sick does that mean she’s healthy.

In most cases, what is does mean is that you’re just prolonging your recovery, if not making the whole thing worse by avoiding and ignoring it.

The very same thing happened when I was talking to a friend, Brian, at the gym a week ago.

Brian’s shoulder’s been bugging him, but he’s putting off going to the orthopedist to have it checked because he’s probably going to tell him that he’s torn his rotator cuff or labrum.

Again, I had to remind Brian that just because he doesn’t go to the doctor and/or get an MRI doesn’t mean that his shoulder’s ok and that he can just keep crankin’ away on it.

And, again, him putting that visit off is likely just (a) allowing the injury to get worse, and (b) making the “recovery” time even longer than it needs to be.

This kind of fear, the kind that keeps you from taking that one big step towards finding something so simple as the truth, can either immobilize you…or, empower you.

And, it’s entirely up to you: do you want to be stuck in the dark wondering all of the time, or would you rather know what’s going on so you can make some real decisions and move forward in some direction?

I think it seems appealing sometimes to just not know so you don’t have to “deal with it”.  But, I also think that dealing with it is sometimes more physically and emotionally exhausting than not dealing with it.

So, pull up your big girl panties, hunt down the truth, and deal with it.

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