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Dear Ally…

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When you and your best friend meet up in the Women’s room at The Four Seasons, the world’s most beautiful bathroom on the planet.


Just can’t help yourselves.




While we were at the Bridal Dinner at The Four Seasons, Ben held down the fort at home.


Harley Love’s dress: a mini-replica-ish of the bride’s 🙂


Little burger egg rolls. Our favorite of the night.


Found these in our bathroom closet. Pretty sure Ben bought these thinking they were regular Q-tips. Imagine sticking these in your ears?


Perfect…and, I found them for $10. YESSSSSS.


Our poor nanny backed the mirror into the garage 🙁


Olympic athletes: speed walking. Watched it in slow-motion reruns for about 10 minutes. Exhilarating.


Started putting fruit in the kids’ popsicles. They LOVE it.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image I love weddings.  Like, everything about them.  I would be an awesome wedding crasher.  Ben and I joke about that with the Giorgio’s all the time.  The 4 of us would kill it together.

But, I am especially excited about Bushey’s wedding tomorrow.

Ally Bushey is one of my all-time favorite people on the planet.  If I were a dude, I would totally want to marry her.

She has a heart of gold.  Like, she a genuinely good person.  I’ve known her for, probably, 5 or 6 years and I have never ever witnessed her try to be hurtful towards someone, she just naturally makes people feel good about themselves, and she makes time for people…anyone.

I’ve said a hundred times on this blog that I couldn’t have asked for a more loving, more committed nanny for our kids when both of them were born.  Ally, honest to God, treated our kids like they were her own.  And, you can see it in the way they act with her.  They adore her more than anyone else, and none of that has changed since she stopped nannying for us.

But, what I am most excited about is the fact that Ally has ended up with a man that I truly believe appreciates her the way that she should be appreciated.  You can tell by the way Geoff looks at her, the way he talks to her, the way he has grown with her since they’ve started seeing each other.

I love both sets of their parents.  I love the friends that love being friends with them.  And, I love that we are part of their circle.

I truly hope that none of that changes as the years come and go.  I hope that we are there when they start raising a family.  I hope that we are there to celebrate anniversaries with them.  And, I hope that 10, 20, and 30 years from now we are still leaning on each other for support through everything that a lifetime throws at you.

I am so happy for Ally, and I am so grateful that me and my family have been asked to be part of this incredibly special celebration.

Here’s to you, girl.  I love you and am so glad to have you in our lives.

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