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Delivery Day

posted by Heather February 14, 2019 0 comments
The tape was a classy touch.
This will become a new staple in our house.
When you have to apologize to your oil guy for being so incredibly irresponsible and not changing your air filters…since 2011. We are DISGUSTING. I was HORRIFIED.
We’re all signed up and started off with SteadyMD, an alternative to our current health care system. Paired up with Julie Foucher’s husband, Dr. Dani Urcuyo, and had my introductory interview today. Super pumped to see if this works for our family 🙂
What it’s like for me when I say simply, “Guys, get together for a picture.”
Just some of my morning homegirls.
Our Prom Picture.
Went to pick up Jonah at Nobles, came home to this…and, not a sign of another human in the house. Normal.
We both got our NoBull orders today!!!

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