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Dentists & Gynecologists

posted by Heather September 29, 2019 0 comments

Ben and I were talking the other day about how we don’t think anyone dreams of being a dentist when they’re young…except for the little boy from the Rudolf cartoon that Ben does a spot onimpersonation of saying, “I don’t wanna’ be an elf, I wanna’ be a dentist!”

This conversation led to me bringing up the idea that people probably don’t day dream about becoming a gynecologist, either. Ben quickly jumped in to correct me, “Um, boys do…because they think that job just involves looking at a bunch of naked women all day.”


“Yeah, they think it’s just a full day of telling one woman to walk in and take her clothes off, then the next is allowed in and the other one is free to go. That’s their impression until they realize that what a gynecologist does all day is look at vaginas…that are sick.”