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Detaching From Knowing AND Not Knowing & My Birthday Photos

posted by Heather October 3, 2019 0 comments

I may be naive, but I feel like a lot of us are at least making an effort at keeping an open mind and coming to terms with the idea that we don’t know it all. In fact, what I’m finding more with every year that passes is that I actually know less and less compared to each previous year. I think Ray Dalio would consider this “detaching from knowing”, or giving up the idea that we “know” how things work.

While it’s easier to say you are open to other’s opinions and ways of doing things, we all know it’s not quite as easy to actually challenge what you’ve “known” your whole life and look at things from a different angle.

However, what I think is both as difficult and harmful to our evolution as a person is detaching from “not knowing”.

I will almost proudly admit that I am terrible with numbers. Ben’s thing is technology. What’s your thing? Is it cooking? Remembering people’s names? You’re the fast one, not the strong one? What’s that thing for you that you just aren’t good at or weren’t born with that skill?

At least for me, I think it’s just easier for me to brush it off as something I’m not good at than to deal with the work involved with figuring it out and learning something that I just am not all that interested in. In other words, it’s easier to give up on myself than to work at it. Yes, I think it’s harder for me than for, say, Ben’s brother who is a numbers whiz…but, I’m not dumb. I can do it. I just need to work harder at it, focus harder on things that may come naturally to others, and put more time into figuring it out than someone who just gets it right away.

I need to detach from knowing, but also from not knowing. I want to learn, but I need to remember that it’s important to learn the things that are easy and exciting to learn about…as well as the ones that are harder for me to learn.