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Do Something Creative Every Day

posted by Heather October 24, 2018 0 comments


I love the store Paper Source.  I always have.  It’s just one of those places that when you walk in the door, you can’t help but be inspired to go home and make something like your own cards, with cool stamps, and hole punches in the shape of stars, and papers that have fibers woven into them, and funky ribbons, and really nice pens and markers.

I even made every one of our wedding invitations by hand with everything from that store.

I know, you basically have to empty your bank account to make wrap a gift from there.  But, it will be the most memorably wrapped gift anyone will ever receive in their entire lifetime.  So, it’s worth it.  Sort of.

What I really do love about that store, though, is their motto: Do something creative every day.

I.  Just.  Love.  That.

It’s not that I think you should be mass producing your own personal letterhead with sparkles and pop-up’s…although, that sounds AMAZING.  But, we should all be using the creative sides of our brains and hearts at some point every day.

Cooking, teaching your kids to tie their shoes, writing, putting together an outfit, drawing or sketching something, getting your team at work to think outside the box, getting your athlete to find mobility in their shoulders in ways they’re not used to, telling your child a story at night instead of reading a book, writing a book, putting together a surprise date night for your significant other, fixing problems or things that are broken around you that you’ve just ignored for so long that you’ve forgotten about them, redesigning or updating a room in your home, rearranging your desk and work space, or downsizing the clutter in your home so you can think more creatively.

There are so many versions of creativity, but they all end up leading us down the road of new ways of thinking, solutions to problems we just couldn’t imagine because we’ve been stuck in the same rhythm for too long, and opportunities that just don’t exist when you live a life that too regimented, too static, too what-you’re-used-to-doing.

One of the thing Ben tells his coaches in their weekly meetings at CFNE is “bad ideas lead to ok ideas which lead to good ideas”.  You should share every idea you have because even if it doesn’t end up working, it always leads to something great at some point.

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