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Don’t Overthink It

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The ole’ screw in the tire on the way to the gym situation 🙁 These guys in South Natick took such good care of me that I brought them bone broth as a thank you.

I snuck my way onto Hamel’s banner!!! Haha

HL’s new summer shoes 🙂

And, her back-ups because we will inevitably leave one at Ben’s mom house and have no shoes to wear.

Why we own a Suburban. It’s our changing room.

LOVE that we can buy local and organic from people that we know so well. SO lucky.

This door’s a mess.

And, THIS.

I wish I could get a picture that does this garden justice that Ben has created. It’s incredible and gets better every day.

Ben pulled together a fence because our neighborhood animals are getting obese off of our vegetable garden. But, he ran out of wire and now there’s a 1 foot opening for them to walk right through. I need to get on this project.



OMG she’s riding her purple horse. On our kitchen counter. How do you punish a kid for THAT?


I got the chance to lift with one of our awesomest members yesterday, Becca, during Morgan’s 9:30 class at CFNE.

We were given 15 minutes to build up to a heavy 2-rep deadlift.

It was great because it was fun, but we were taking the lifts seriously.  We were efficient, but not so fast that we were rushing it.  And, we lifted heavy weights, but didn’t push it so hard that we got hurt…or, anywhere even close to that.

At 15 minutes, we high-5’d each other, methodically put away our stuff, and went along our way to get ready for the workout.

I didn’t think about any of it again until this morning when Becca came up to me and said, “Thanks for lifting with me yesterday!  That was so much fun!”  I told her I had a great time, too.  That’s when Becca said, “It was really cool how we just kept switching out weights and didn’t talk about it much!  I usually spend a lot of time overthinking what weights I should try and talking about all of it with whoever I’m with.”

It was kind of cool to hear her take on that because I think it’s something I’ve picked up from my experience competing on teams for CFNE: you can’t overthink things, you have to know and trust yourself with your body, and you have to be efficient.

It’s not only that you don’t have time to waste on those things, but you and your teammates don’t have the energy to deal with someone who can’t do all of those things naturally and consistently.

It’s mentally exhausting to overthink things and get everyone’s opinion on a decision, spend minutes trying to decide on whether you should try to pull 295 lbs. or 300 lbs., and have people on your platform that aren’t paying attention and not doing a good job being ready to change the next athlete’s weights for them.

There’s a time for catching up on the Bachelorette and pole dancing on the rig, and there’s a time for dialing in on  throwing around heavy weights with your buddies.

Don’t overthink it, just know the difference.

You’re awesome, Becca.  It was an honor to share a bar with ya, babe 😉

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