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Easter Sunday Photo Album

posted by Heather April 2, 2018 0 comments

First time I have EVER been on time, dressed and done up, for a party we were hosting because of this silly little schedule. LOVE it.

When Ben came down in the morning, he says, “What can I help with?” I said, “Oh, I actually have a section on the chalkboard for that!” SO easy!

Fresh cut carrots is worth the time. SO much better than baby carrots. AND, freshly grated carrots are SOOO worth using over pre-shredded bags from the store.

When you leave Ben and Jonah in charge of the egg hunt, they stuff them with…get this…carrot sticks and 1 Lego per. *Legos that Bode already owns. But, somehow he was still PUMPED about getting 1 old, used Lego in each of these eggs.

The Lorion’s gave this Lego set to Bode, and he followed the directions all by himself to make his new jet.

Jill’s lovely Nicoise salad! I know I spelled that right because I just checked.

Kat: “OKAY, GUYS! EVERYONE SMILE!” …while we stand in front of the picture and cover all of you up.

My versions of PB Balls and Sonoma Chicken Salad

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