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Finding Happy Vs. Winning A Popularity Contest

posted by Heather May 16, 2020 1 Comment
My new blue light filtering glasses arrived!
Susan Weiss’ self portrait. She is AMAZING on so many levels.
Morning stroll attire.
How Kat reminds herself to bring our deliveries home in a public parking lot.
We are parked on our front yard every late afternoon/evening. So, if you wanna’ visit… 😉
Senior year 🙂
Pecorino Romano cheese = my new favorite topping.

Do you know what’s hard? Being the positive one in a room full of people that are being negative. And, it’s in our nature to do what is easy, safe, and doesn’t threaten our connections with others.

Fortunately, what I’ve found is this: our energies and perspectives are contagious. In most situations, what we put out there is given back to us. And, that goes for both positivity and negativity.

If we start a conversation complaining about how cold and rainy it’s been, the other person will do the same…often, even more so than we did. If we, instead, talk about how nice it’s been to have tea next to a fire with a cozy blanket and a great book, the other person will likely follow suit.

The same goes for how we respond to workouts, our spouses and children, and life in quarantine.

It’s not faking it. It’s not ignoring how we’re really feeling about life. It’s simply twisting our thoughts, our perspectives, and how we lead our relationships with the people around us.

Whether that is in person with our families in our homes every day, on Zoom calls with our co-workers, or on text threads with friends and other parents, do the thing that’s not even really all that hard: use your conscious energy to stay the happy course. 

Remind yourself and the people around you that there is goodness to be found in everything, even if you need to dig a really deep hole to find it. Because it is there. It’s just not always as easy to see…nor is it always the popular perspective in the room.

And, at the end of the day do you care more about winning the popularity contest, or being the one that helped people find happy?

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Tavy Nell May 16, 2020 at 2:07 pm

Thank you for sharing this. It was what I needed to keep being me even though it’s not the easy way to go??


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