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Florida Trip: Friday

posted by Heather January 28, 2017 0 comments

I found this little guy, Kobe, on the floor at the gym. Sweetest puppy on the planet. I walked around introducing him to people like he was mine…until I “introduced” him to his owners…by accident. Awwwwkwarrrrrrddddd.

70 year old Pat, who has lost 50 pounds since she started training at CrossFit Palm Beach…hanging out with her 17 year old friend 🙂 Pat got so excited when I told her I was Ben’s wife that she admitted she just wanted “to touch him”. So, I called him over immediately.

Pat has done two local competitions at this gym…and, is loving every second of all of it. It’s people like Pat that give no one an excuse for not doing it.

Quick write up because I (a) don’t have many pictures from the day for some weird reason, and (b) the schedule is pretty packed for the camp so I just don’t really have a ton of time to write.

I will say, though, that the funniest thing to me right now is how comfortable and, simultaneously, crazy it is to travel with this particular crew of people.  I’m spending the most amount of time with some of my favorite girls on the planet: Katrin, Brooke Wells, and Adee Cazeyou.  We’re also staying in a house with Ben and Matt O’Keefe, but since they’re running and organizing the weekend so much, they’re just not with us quite so much as you’d think.

Let me give you some quick insight into what it’s been like.  We wake up at 6:30 to have coffee and start our breakfast prepping.  4 girls in a kitchen who all obsessively weigh and measure every morsel that enters their mouth is one helluva production.  It’s more like a science lab and a constant stream of conversation about whether chicken cutlets are better for you to eat than chicken strips…as if it makes any real difference…but, we like to drill Adee with these questions because every now and then she surprises us and we realize we’re doing something totally different than what we should be doing.

The amount of attention that is given to perfecting your numbers and making sure every single thing is accounted for is really astounding.  But, to be around a group of people who are 100% on board with it makes it all so “normal”, which is very comforting and motivating.  There are no judgmental eyes looking at your from the corner of the room to worry about.  You’re not feeling like the odd ball because you are trying to stay dialed in.  And, there is a constant conversation going down where everyone’s just learning from each other.  It’s so awesome.

It’s just the norm with this crew, and I love it.

It fires me up.

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