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Freezing Cold Friday

posted by Heather November 10, 2017 0 comments

Thank God for DVR. Just to re-enact the most wondrous family night that could only be better had Ben been at home instead of in Amsterdam tazing his videographer.

It’s time to update this rug that’s carried us through the last 7 years here.

To this little gem.

Ok, today was the first really cold day that I dropped the kids off at the farm for 4 hours outside. Somehow, our kids are the only ones in ski gear. Everyone else is in rain gear. And, that stuff is not warm. Our kids need to toughen up. However, it’s not actually their fault…it’s mine ๐Ÿ™‚

The scene at pick-up as they surface from the Gnome Forest.

I made the mistake of using the abbreviations for living room and bedroom on a text with my 17 year old.

Love this guy’s music. One of my all-time favorite song writers and performers.

Thank God for Paleo Power Meals.

Love watching them get their stripes at the end of each class ๐Ÿ™‚

When you get to jiu jitsu and turn around to find this.

FINALLY cleared the garage out of bikes and wagons so Ben can start parking in here again and stop needing to use an ice scraper on his car at 6am every day.

Our mailbox and post have been bothering me since the day we moved in 7 years ago. I feel like it’s poor feng shui to have a poor looking mailbox as it’s the very first thing people are greeted with at your home. I finally bit the bullet and invested in one that I’m proud of. Standby to see the killer mailbox that I copied from the Lorion’s driveway that finally lit a fire under my rear.

I LOVE the experience the kids are getting at the Forest Gnomes program at the Natick Community Organic Farm. Incredible staff that I fully trust with our kids out in the woods for 4 hours every day…regardless of the weather. So lucky to have this a mile from our home as there are families in the program that drive 45 minutes to get here every day.

Connor Nugent had me TERRIFIED of getting this MRI today as it was the one where they need to inject contrast agent into your joint prior to the actual MRI. He warned me about how painful that injection was. And, he’s a military guy who I trust is INSANELY tough with things like that. And, it wasn’t bad AT ALL. The nurse actually told me that she hears stories like that all the time of guys that tell women about how bad it’s going to be. The worst part was having to stay completely still for the 40 minute MRI.

I screwed up my schedule again and never put today’s Veteran’s Day off from school in my calendar. So, when I booked my MRI I didn’t realize that the kids would actually be home today. HARRY TO THE RESCUE. He hung out with the kids at CFNE for a couple of hours so I could do my MRI in peace. SO LUCKY ๐Ÿ™‚

I am advocating for all middle schools to have flag football teams instead of real football teams. The kids have SO much more fun, it’s SO much safer, and the kids get totally into it.

They actually ended up deciding the winner by doing ROCK PAPER SCISSORS. How adorable is THAT? Except that Jonah was the one that did it for our team, and he lost ๐Ÿ™ He’s home completely devastated right now because he feels like they lost because of him. I seriously love everything about this.


I “cooked” dinner tonight. More like I put pre-marinated chicken into the oven and put it on a plate. But, I did something so I’m counting it as “cooking”.


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