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posted by Heather November 6, 2016 0 comments

Katrin performing her winter coat origami for us, proving that her jacket can fold down into the size of a credit card. She had to use a vice grip, but it’s very practical.


I declared to Ben and my new favorite male and female music artists are Eric Church (who’s been #1 for years now) and Maren Morris, who I like for a lot of the same reasons I like Eric Church: her music and lyrics are unique, not everything is about love, she has a really cool voice, and they’re both edgy in their own ways. I love her Spotify Sessions, too.


My favorite pair of sweatpants because they genuinely look like a really cool pair of jeans…and, my new Pumas that Ali Giorgio gave me. I think of this as my Nobles Super Fan gear: I’ve “given up” on my fashion, but no one can really tell.


Forgot to bring a jacket with me on the way to Maya’s game, so Kat let me borrow hers. Found her passport in the pocket. That seems like a safe place to store an incredibly important document.


Bode set up this obstacle course on the field at the soccer game at The Brooks School. When he finished it and I was cheering for him like a psychopath, he slowly walks away, pumps his fist, and growls, “I’M A BERGERON!”


THEY WON! This is the last in season game I’ll see, though, because next week I’m going with Ben and Kat to the 11th Warrior fundraising event in Clearwater Beach, Florida. Love that I get to go to the event, but I’ll miss two of Maya’s biggest games of the year 🙁


Love bringing the kids to Brooks because there are huge fields with no cars nearby, so I can let them walk and run around without locking them down to a 10 foot radius around me the whole time. And, because it’s a beautiful place 🙂


I decided to teach Bode how to use this blocking gear that we found on the football practice field. Except, when he had me run into him while he held the pad, I hit him way too hard. His little body got launched onto the ground and he ended up in a crying fit while I was laughing hysterically at the whole scene. Not my finest parenting moment.


Maya’s Super Fan section. Killing it.


Ben and I LOVE this field, mostly because of the beautiful rock wall that serves as bleachers for spectators. So cool.


I may or may not have used this in the back of our car.


Bode and I “staying up” to wait for Ben to get home on Wednesday night.

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