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Friday Game Day

posted by Heather April 21, 2018 0 comments

Why I love the team over at Scrub-A-Dub: they draw on the windows for the kids and fist bump me every time we pull up. Which is more often than I’m willing to admit to.

Maya’s game at Brook’s in North Andover.

We’re all freezing and HL is begging us to let her take off her shoes, socks, and pants. She’s gunna’ be a little hussy some day, I just know it.

Maya got two yellow cards and ejected from the game for, essentially, being too aggressive. THAT FIRES ME UP.

THEY WON 11-10!!!

Bode: “THAT COW HAS BOOBS!” HB: “Ok, so that’s not actually a cow. And, the more appropriate term for that is ‘udder’.”

When you start off thinking that little kid carts are so cute, and then you realize they turn into weapons of mass destruction and every other customer wants to kill you AND your kids because they’re racing them up and down every aisle of the place.

Fine. I’m starting to get emotional over Maya graduating. She had me come into the locker room with her tonight and I realized that I might never set foot in that room again. It’s starting.

*Skippy on the top shelf. Have I taught her NOTHINNNNGGG??

Has me drive her car and I get in and am immediately stuck, wedged between the 2″ she leaves between her body and the steering wheel like she’s a midget or something. Which she is NOT.

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