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Get It Out Of Your Head

posted by Heather May 1, 2019 0 comments
When Harry Palley sabotages your coaching cheat sheet in the middle of your class.
Still using the bag I got when my last name was Keenan-Gallagher. What? It’s a great bag.
Creating a monster that now has jammies that match my pink satin ones.
And, arguably a better robe than me.
I GOT TO REUNITE WITH EC LAST NIGHT and listen to her brain talk about nutrition at CFNE.
We should all be doing rope swings in a kimono.

What’s funny is that despite me having gone to graduate school for a masters in Accounting and Business, I am still one of those people who knows she is getting totally played by retail companies that let you know how much you saved so that you can rationalize making typically irrational purchases.

Who am I kidding, though? It’s not even the times like when Nordstrom Rack will tell you you saved something like $855 on your purchase of $215. It’s like, okayyy. I know what you’re doing to me there. I’m not a moron. But, I am.

It’s more like last week when Jill recommends her hair stylist to me in Worcester because I was currently going somewhere in Wellesley that was charging me $300 MORE than she was paying for the same service. Tried it, loved it, and go home to tell Ben and Kat about how much I saved and how psyched I was because while I was SITTING IN THE CHAIR GETTING MY HAIR DONE and “saving” all that money I was able to complete $300 of online shopping because I was now getting it all for FREE.

Kat, of course, high-fived me and told me, basically, the same story different details about how she “saved” money the same way that day. Ben, on the other hand, is sitting there looking at us sort of the same way he looks at Bode when Bode’s trying to explain why it makes sense for him to sit there watching Harley Love writhing in pain after falling instead of helping her or telling an adult that she got hurt.

His reaction is sort of this look that’s a cross between shock and horror and like he’s trying to figure out if we actually believe that horse shit or if we’re, in fact, aware of what just happened and we’re just trying to get away with it. Except, Kat’s not trying to get away with anything from anyone. I am. But, she’s got no one to answer to. So, I don’t know what’s going on there.

Anyway, I’ve been having some interesting conversations with women, in particular, that are really overwhelmed and can’t seem to figure out how to get their *stuff* together and end up either acting like a crazy person all day that’s barely treading above water or up all night because their mind is racing. Or, both.

That totally used to be me. And, to make matters worse, I would spend most of my day talking about how overwhelmed I was and how I couldn’t get anything done (aka. “complaining”). When Ben had finally had enough, he sat me down and we had a little meeting to get it down on paper.

We wrote down all of the things that I was anxious about: laundry, finding time to write, doing my lesson plan for the class I coach, leaving the house on time in the morning, etc. Then, we figured out a schedule…minute for minute…of how I was able to get the things done (plus a little extra time left aside for unexpected situations). This included things like ordering our groceries online and getting them delivered, finally writing up a list of reasonable things that the kids were responsible for doing every morning before school, and leaving 10 minutes every day to fold laundry instead of trying to find 45 minutes a couple times a week. We just got it all out there so there was nothing left to lay dormant in my brain, forcing me to stare at the ceiling all night trying to figure out in my own head.

We did the same thing when we were trying to figure out our nightly routine and how we could even possibly attempt at a 9pm lights out to improve the our sleep schedule. And, the same thing I did when I was helping a friend figure out her own nightly family routine and nutrition/exercise plan.

I think, too often, that we are really great at organizational skills when we’re in an official “work setting”, but when it comes to organizing our own personal lives we forget the fact that managing your personal life is just as complicated as managing a business.

We can’t wing it. We can’t think things will eventually just start working out.

We need to have a plan, a structure, an organized method to improve and maintain a routine that will move us in the direction we want to be headed.

Because we’re all in the business of improving our personal lives, whether you’re a CFO of a major company or a stay at home parent of 2 kids or a college student home for the summer.

Plan, create a structure, find routine, execute, and be consistently disciplined.

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