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Getting Reacquainted

posted by Heather September 5, 2019 0 comments

A little HB update. You know, since it’s been the most inconsistent period of time for me contributing to this blog. I get that I’m totally adoring all of this newfound balance in my life, but I’m sure I’m not the only one that thinks my balance game is starting to seem a little more like laziness.

This was arguably the very best summer of my whole life. The kids are a little bit older which means that (a) they can start being involved in more and more activities at the yacht club, (b) the kids had more friends because they were involved with all of those activities, and (c) I have one more year under my belt of trying to make friends and learn how to fit in in an incredibly tight knit community of people that spent every summer together since the day they were born. 

I spent most of the summer trying to weasel my way into more and more weeks of our rental home, wondering how we can figure out a way to start moving down there the day school gets out and heading home the morning it starts back up in the Fall.

Jonah had another incredible summer of volunteering at Camp Jabberwocky, the residential vacation camp that his step-mom is the director of that cares for severely disabled kids and adults. After his shift there, he would walk into Vineyard Haven and work at this historic, iconic movie theatre in downtown. He woke every day at 6am, and got home from work after 10pm. He loves it, but is completely exhausted by the time I finally get to start seeing him again in mid-August. He started his Sophomore year at Nobles this week, and is doing the Afternoon Strength and Conditioning Program…the one that Ben and I used to run when we worked there. He’s also been making music, with one of his songs hitting 21k listens on sound cloud. Look him up by the name “Cookie Doe”. Yeah, we’re working on a new name for him 😉

Bode and Harley Love did sail camp, craft camp, paddle board camp, jumped off docks and high towers, kayaked, became incredible swimmers, went boating, and Harley Love learned how to ride a big kid bike! So, we went on our first family bike ride where everyone got to ride on their own on the bike path. That’s our new “thing”, by the way. Bode started 1st grade, while Harley Love took her first bus ride with him to Kindergarten. So far, Bode’s signed up for soccer & swim this Fall. Harley Love’s lined up for gymnastics, dance (ballet & tap), and swim. 

Maya and Ben, basically, spent the entire summer training Kat for the Games. The three of them become inseparable, spend the whole month fine tuning her open water swimming and cycling, and countless hours at Upper Cape CrossFit.

I jumped off a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean with Maya, got really into cooking, did yoga and meditated a lot, drank every day but two days in 6 weeks, and started listening to lots of nature sounds (birds, water, fire) and salsa music. I’m back to coaching every day, listening to more jazzy hip hop music, regularly meditating and practicing Wim Hof breathing, and am about to start taking a hip hop dance class every Tuesday night with a bunch of mom friends in our town. Oh, and am back down to only 1 or 2 nights of drinking a week 😉

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