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Guess Who’s Home For The Summer :)

posted by Heather May 7, 2019 0 comments
My coaching cheat sheets. Can you decode them?
I like to tell Harry exactly where he is on my list of things to do for the day. When I got to the bank, he got bumped up one spot πŸ™‚
Yeah, in my dreams.
Fells Steak Tips for Maya’s birthday dinner πŸ™‚
THIS guy.
Liza cut Fenway’s hair today. Obviously.
Umm, Happy Birthday, Maya. Standby for Maya’s birthday post. Just running late.
Shaymus and Bode’s birthdays are on Saturday, May 11th!
When Maya is driving alongside you.
CrossFit Kids at Tilt II
Ready for her performance tomorrow morning!
Kindergarten Nature Walk today πŸ™‚
Look who’s home for the summer!
And, insisting on perfecting the selfie pose.

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