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Gymnastics Exhibition Day

posted by Heather June 14, 2018 0 comments

My heart is crying.

When your new sitter, Emily Marshall, leaves your house THIS clean for you when you get home.

The Common Café strikes again.

Never even had to get out of the car. OMG, this was the most peaceful 15 minutes I’ve had all month. Worth every penny they overcharged me for a simple oil change.

My Mother’s Day gift for Ben’s mom is ALIVE 🙂

This garland has been trapped, dead, around our front door since birds laid eggs in a nest they built right over the middle of it. The eggs hatched and the birds flew away, so it was FINALLY time to take it down, take the lights and wire off of it, and put it to rest.

No one loves water more than this kid. Just like his dad did when he was a kid.

The annual Gymnastics Express Exhibition for this big guy.

Because this is, apparently, a thing.

OUT OF NOWHERE, JONAH DROPPED SO RIDICULOUS DANCE MOVES ON US…apparently, from Fortnight? I feel so old not even knowing what that’s about or why there’s dancing in a game that sounds like it’s a fighting game.

And, Maya’s pathetic effort at one-upping him…when she was, in fact, just highlighting her lack of dance skills.

She taught me “shooting”, which is another dance…that I picked up on my 2nd try…and, could do on both sides when she could only do one. I’m not competitive with my children. That would be WRONG.

One of our favorite back yard post-dinner nights yet. When we bought this house, we dreamt of nights like this in this back yard. And, it’s HAPPENING. It makes me so happy.

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