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When people think of The Bergeron’s, I would imagine they think of some combination of CrossFit, Paleo Power Meals, constant talk about positive mantras, and (particularly with me and Maya) loud country music and lots of dancing. And, if you include Kat in that mix, it all becomes even more prevalent.

Well, thank God for Jonah. Jonah has never given in to conforming to the rest of the family, despite the pressure surrounding him to do what everyone else is doing.

He is the all-time greatest example of staying true to yourself and marching to the beat of your own drum.

Jonah’s favorite movies are Casablanca and The Sound Of Music.

He is sad when the sun comes out because he loves rainy days.

He likes electronic dance music and Naughty By Nature.

And, he wants to be “the skinny kid”.

But, my very favorite things about Jonah have never changed.

I have never met a bigger cheerleader for the underdog or advocate for the helpless.

I think we’ve never gotten a dog because he fills that role of loyal, committed, stand-by-your-side buddy you somehow need every day in different ways.

Jonah is, by far, the most artistically creative person in either of our families and works tirelessly to think outside the box and think about things differently than others.

And, in the rare cases that he gets scolded for something or isn’t allowed to do something he really wants to, I have never heard or seen him get angry, slam a door, raise his voice, or say something unpleasant about or to someone.

Jonah, you are the sweetest, kindest soul on the planet. Your heart is so strong  and full. And, I am so proud of the person you’ve spent the last 14 years growing up to be.

Happy birthday, my sweet little Jonah.

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