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Finished her first full session of Ballet. Onto session TWO!

Bode is on a 1 a day cycle right now.

I am SO cheap with chalk that I will, literally, use this until is disintegrates in my hand.

Farm drop-off.

And, pick-up.

I guess it was time to clean out our Roomba.

Ben did his health continuum talk this morning after the 8:30 class/before the 9:30 which is basically his rendition of Coach Glassman’s lecture on the idea that you don’t need to get a full comprehensive exam detailing every measure of health out there to figure out whether you’re unhealthy, middle of the road, or thriving.

You’re not going to find someone that has 10% body fat, can deadlift 2x their bodyweight, and run a 7 minute mile get diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  And, vice versa.

There’s a LOT more to that conversation, but that’s a big part of it.

At one point in the conversation, Ben said something that stuck with me.  He said, “You shouldn’t be terrified of going in for your annual physical.  You should be PSYCHED to impress your doctor and hear him or her begging you to tell them how you have reached such a high level of health.

It’s kind of like when you were in high school and you would take a test.  You either totally blow off studying to hang out with friends or watch TV all day, or you put in the time leading up to the test to prepare yourself as well as you can.

The former plan usually ends up with you bombing the test and having to dodge your parents as long as possible until the corner you and force you to tell them what you got.  The latter has you getting the test back and itching to get out of school so that you can bolt home and tell them how much all of that hard work paid off.

When you’re a grown up, your doctor can serve as your parent that dishes out approval or disappointment…except, instead of the goal being to get into your chosen college, it’s now about being able to live a life that let’s you go for bike rides with your kids and grandchildren, not be stuck booking back to back doctor appointments and ordering prescriptions for the growing list of diseases and conditions you’ve racked up, or simply walking around every day feeling like you’re happy and healthy and motivated to get even better and not like you need to find another cup of coffee to stay awake or a drink at the end of every day because it’s the way you deal with the stress and anxiety your lifestyle leaves you with.

It’s like anything else in life.  It’s HARD WORK.  It’s not easy being able to make healthy choices all of the time.  But, it reaps incredibly valuable benefits, for you and everyone around you…especially, the people closest to you.  It’s worth every hard choice you have to make.

Embrace the hard stuff…across the board.  Work harder at them than anyone you know.  And, be EXCITED to show people how you’ve improved.

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