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Adee sent us these stickers of our heads. My friends can all expect to find them in “special” unexpected places. And, I’ll be sure to post the pictures here for all of us to enjoy.

The Dubai Fitness Championship video is UP!

A little throwback from our trip to New Orleans with this little nugget 🙂

How can you wake up to a pink sunrise and not think it’s going to be the very best day of your whole life?

You know when you feel like the same message just keeps swirling around you in 20 different scenarios and you feel like someone is trying to not just tell you something, but more like shake you vigorously until you absorb the point and finally give in and agree to go spread the word to anyone that will listen?

Oh, and you know what’s funny about that last sentence?  We just got an email from one of our kids’ teachers talking about how they need to start meeting with our child because they have a tendency to write run-on sentences.  I wonder where my kids get that from.

Anyway, I was talking with a friend of mine yesterday, Michelle,  about how her daughter, Ashley, had wanted to make the JV soccer team at her school so badly that she begged Michelle to drive her to the track every single day so she could work on her running.

Every day.

Of course, Michelle made it happen and Ashley worked so hard that she not only ended up taking something like 2 minutes off her mile time, but SHE MADE THE VARSITY TEAM.

Incredible, right?

The story Michelle told me had a lot more detail than that, but that’s the basic story.

So, then I’m in Ben’s class today when he wraps up the workout with a quick talk about how important it is to work hard at anything and everything.

He spoke to the idea that no matter what it is you’re trying to do, what’s more important than anything is how hard you work to get it.

Here’s why: working hard at anything, makes you work harder at everything.

It’s not about whether Ashley made the JV team, or the Varsity team, or didn’t make either of them and ended up playing for the Middle School team again.

It’s about her feeling motivated to get better at something that she didn’t feel great about.

It’s about her having the confidence to believe in herself and not being willing to be complacent and satisfied with where she was at in the world.

It’s about her making a plan, committing to it, and doing the work every single day despite how physically hard and emotionally humbling those “every days” may have felt.

And, it’s about the pride she earned through grit and hard work that will now make her hungry to seek that whole experience out all over again in other areas of her life whether it be school, sports, health, her relationships, or, literally, anything else she finds that makes her feel the way she felt before she stepped onto the track for the first time this season.

Be humble enough to know what your work should be.

Be hungry enough to stay committed to that work.

And, just WORK SO HARD every day so you can be proud and truly happy with the work you’ve done.

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