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Harley Love’s FIRST Sleepover…And, Ben’s Pasty White Upper Thigh?

posted by Heather September 9, 2019 0 comments
This is FOR REAL. No, not Photoshopped. He is THAT pale.
One of Maya’s jobs was to arrange for all of the “goody bags” for the CompTrain Camp athletes.
Took the kids in to Castle Island for their last day before school starts adventure.
Taught myself how to do this on YouTube.
My view while meditating and doing my Wim Hof breathing this morning.
My 3-girl team for the workout today 🙂
Hosted an impromptu “We survived the first week of school” party on Friday.
My Mom squad is FIRE this year.
I’m that Mom that brings a folding chair to the bus stop. It’s one of my favorite 10 minutes of every day.
Alex’s wife has THE best eye for design and decor.
Me standing on a 3 foot tall rock wall so I can see all of their heads. Otherwise, they’re too short to see any of them and it just looks like the bus is empty.
Making mango salsa with a glass of wine = heaven 🙂