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Harry Saved The Day…AGAIN.

posted by Heather April 11, 2018 0 comments

One of the kids’ teachers at the Natick Community Organic Farm talked me into adding these to my bone broth to increase the amount of collagen we’re getting. This is a whole new level for me. Don’t get the impression that I enjoy this. Like, at all. Totally freaks me out. I am completely grossed out by the whole thing…BUT, people eat all sorts of weird things. I mean, we eat meat off bones all the time and don’t think it’s weird. RIGHT off the bones. When you think about it like that, that’s gross, too. So, I just have to get over it.

My good friend, Mary’s, car 🙂

I had to.

Apparently, so did she.

Got to go to my very first appointment at The Rothfeld Center in Waltham, an integrative medicine clinic. No issues or concerns, just want to learn and get a baseline to work with.

Nothing like driving around with a bag of frozen chicken feet…and, a stool sample kit all morning.


My low point.

2.5 hours later 🙂

Now, it’s out in the cold so I can scrape off the huge layer of fat that’s accumulating.


I LOVE these two. Ryan Reynold’s comment is hysterical.

They’re really loving the farm these days.

Working on our next round of CFNE apparel: KIDS gear! Excited to start coming up with some sketches. Leaning towards a unicorn mermaid and a dragon…wait for it…DABBING. But, here are some ideas to get me started.

Tried one out for Bode’s “U” letter bag for tomorrow 🙂

           Lemme’ tell you about the highlight of my day which, now looking back on the whole thing, I wish was actually the bag of frozen chicken feet that drove around with me all morning in the front seat of my car.

I had my first appointment with my new functional medicine practitioner at The Rothfeld Center in Waltham.  I was so excited and had such a great visit; I must’ve met with my nurse practitioner for well over an hour before she sent me out to the office to wait for my blood work to be taken.  She told me she was able to get me in for a 1:15 appointment, but that sometimes they could take people earlier.

I told her that would be ok as long as I was able to leave by 1:20 to get back to Natick to pick up my kids at 2:00 pm…35 minutes away.  It would be cutting it close, but she assured me the whole thing would take 5 minutes.

While I was in the office waiting to try and get in at 1:00, I was asked to go make my next appointment for 6 weeks from now.

They told me my NP was there Tuesday-Friday.  I told them that Tuesdays and Thursdays definitely didn’t work for me because my kids get out at the farm at 12:30, which wouldn’t give me time to train and get up there for the appointment.  I told them it’d have to be a Wednesday or Friday.

This was the point when the two women I was talking to started looking at me weird, looking at each other weird, and then back at me weird until one of them said, “Umm…well, ma’am…you know today is a Tuesday, right?”

“Oh, no.  It’s not Tuesday.  I wouldn’t be able to be here on a Tuesday.”

That was the point when I looked at my screen and realized they were right.


I’m always well aware of the fact that I’m not a mathematician, but I knew that I was horrifically late to pick them up and that it was time to panic.  I felt every nerve in my body, every inch of my skin went bright red, and I started babbling like an idiot making zero sense.

I immediately called Ben, who is probably the very last person that should be on my list of people to call in an emergency because he NEVERRRR picks up his phone, particularly when I really need him in times like this.  And, as expected, he didn’t answer.

So, I called Harry.  Who is SOOOO good about being there right at all the important times…like this time.

He, of course, tells me how he can just take Ben’s car with his car seats and shoot over to pick the kids up in less than 20 minutes.  He also, of course, tells me how it’s totally normal that I would forget something like that having just got home from vacation and with so many things going on…blah blah blah.  Totally figures out how to make me feel like not the worst parent on the planet…which is exactly what I felt like…and, calls me right after he picks them up to tell me about how understanding the teachers were and that everything was totally fine.

Harry is truly the most ultimate support system you could ever imagine up.  He is SO clutch and has a way of making you feel like nothing’s a big deal…even though it totally is.

But, today was one of the biggest ones in the history of Harry.  I owe you for, like, ever for this one, man.


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