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posted by Heather July 28, 2019 0 comments

I suspect that I’m not alone in occasionally being guilty of having a warped approach to making healthy food choices.

Take snacking, for example. Just yesterday, I was on the prowl for something and saw a container of berries in the fridge. I thought about it, then decided that I had already had sweet potatoes with my eggs for breakfast, so I should ease up on my carbohydrate intake a little. No less than 3 minutes later, I open up the cabinet and lay into a bag of granola.

Yes, I passed on the fresh berries because I didn’t want to eat too many carbs, but then got after a bag of processed granola. And, yes, at that moment it made every ounce of sense to me.

How many of us would NEVER eat a banana or an apple because there’s too much sugar in it, but we have no problem rationalizing going out for ice cream a few times a week because it’s summertime.

These are the times when I have to remember to be aware of how my mind likes to play tricks with me: it likes to try and convince me that healthy options aren’t really healthy, and unhealthy ones are fine.

A piece of leftover grilled chicken is a better late night snack than a handful of tortilla chips. A glass of almond milk is better for me than a glass of wine. And, a bowl of oatmeal at The Daily Brew is so much healthier for breakfast than a yogurt-iced muffin.

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