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Here’s To The Non-Different People Out There

posted by Heather September 14, 2016 0 comments

Wednesday’s are Paleo Power Meals delivery days. LOCKED AND LOADED FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK/WEEKEND.


How I entertain myself at red lights. Clearly not as entertaining for Bode.


Breakfast. I told him that’s what Strawberry Shortcake is. Perfect.


How we kicked off the day: Bode annihilating me at Uno (for real), coffee, and a carrot. So dreamy.


Stole these vases from Bushey’s Sunday Brunch after her wedding. I LOVE collecting fresh flowers from the yard and covering our house with them.



Sat there pooping on the potty just yelling as loud as she could, “DEWEY’S HOUSE!!!” Makes total sense.


My office for blog writing last night 🙂


I don’t know.  Sometimes I think we go a little overboard trying to make everyone feel so comfortable with being different.  What about those of us who just aren’t “different”?

I know that statement alone may drive some people crazy, but I’m not trying to act like a victim or anything.  I just sometimes feel like it’s in my nature to be normal, yet I feel guilty liking “normal” things.

Like, is it so bad that I like pop music?  It’s not the cool answer, and you know I’m right on that.  How many times have you ever asked someone what kind of music they listen to and after their initial response of “everything”, which is literally what every single person has ever said to that question when I’ve asked them, their follow-up answer is something like “country” or “rap”.  How many people actually answer “pop” with the same degree of pride that they do “country”?

I also do happen to be obsessed with country music, but if I’m pulling up to a red light in the summertime and see open windows in cars in neighboring lanes, you better believe I’m not pumping Justin Beiber or Ariana Grande as loud as I am when I’m cruising down Rt. 9 and no one can hear what I’m listening to.

But, I do admit that I dabble in that stuff behind closed doors.  Ok, fine.  I do it at CFNE, too, but that doesn’t count because that’s my safe place and I can get away with, literally, anything when I’m there.  Especially when Deb “BT” Renzella’s on deck at the front desk because she’ll laugh at anything.  Which is the real reason we keep her on staff, and you know it Debbie.

Let me make it clear, though, that I’m not talking about issues surrounding minorities.  I’m not wishing for the struggle that some people have to battle every day.  That’s real and a whole different level than what I’m talking about.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for people that stand up for who they are in a world that often tells them that what they feel and what they’re made up of is wrong.  Which it’s obviously not, but ignorance exists and it’s terrible.

I’m just talking about silly stuff like…well, like ice cream.  I’m disgusting at an ice cream shop.  I’m one of those people that pretends that a bowl of ice cream is just as bad if you’re getting plain vanilla or vanilla with Snickers, caramel, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered potato chips, cookie dough, marshmallow topping, and rainbow sprinkles…which would be my dream bowl of ice cream…in a waffle cone dish…not that I’ve ever put any amount of thought into that.

But, I’ve definitely judged people for going to a place like Ben & Jerry’s, where you can get out of control different on what you order, and then stepping up and ordering a vanilla cone.  Which, for the record, is something Jonah does on the regular.

Or, bagels.  Why in the world would you ever choose to be so boring and order a plain bagel when you could, for the exact same price, order an everything bagel?

Those people, though, should feel free to order their plain vanilla in a dish or their plain…untoasted…which is even worse…bagel if that’s who they are.  Right?  I am definitely guilty of thinking they’re boring because they’re not different.

So, yet again, another blog post from me where I’m talking in circles and not really making any valid or intelligent points.  But, all of this makes total sense to me.

So, I’m good.


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